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DYK: The Hottest Airports for Holiday Love?

Singles across the US should get ready to catch all the feels at your local TSA. Read more…

Meet Our #MatchMoBro, Tristian!

Meet our third Match Mo’ Bro crush: Tristian. Read more…

Meet Our #MatchMoBro, Eric!

Meet Eric, our first Match Mo’ Bro crush.

This old soul lives an enviable balanced life that we really dig. Read more…

Meet Our #MatchMoBros!

It’s November, which means a few things: it’s cold outside, the holidays are about to be full-steam ahead, and it’s Movember! Read more…

#ShowUsYourMwah | Match x ColourPop

Not sure how to celebrate National Kissing Day on July 6? Why not pucker up those beautiful lips and do something you can feel good about! Read more…

Paul Brunson Hosts: Help! I Need Love! on ABC

The complexities that come with dating as a single parent can range from “When is my date worthy to meet my child?” to “Am I even ready to date?” Read more…

Top 10 Cities to Date a Sexy Soccer Single

It’s been almost one week since the U.S. women’s soccer team crushed Japan in a 5-2 victory on Sunday, and the party’s still going strong. Read more…

Love and Equality: A Success Story

It seemed like everyone had an opinion about our future, but we always knew that we belonged together.

Every so often we’d make plans, but something always got in the way.

However, over the last year or so we started getting closer. This time it felt different. It felt right. It felt like things were finally coming together.

Then one morning in June, we could tell that magic was in the air. We decided to make it official — and finally say “I do”, just like every loving couple deserves to.

We’re so happy that our dreams, and the dreams of millions, will finally become a reality.

Love was all I ever needed, and today, I’m so proud to say that #LoveWins.



Trending Topics: The Single Kentuckian


The 141st Kentucky Derby is right around the corner! And while everyone around the country is perfecting their mint julep recipe and finding the biggest hats known to man, singles in Kentucky are gearing up for one of the most celebrated occasions in the state’s history. Read more…

Who doesn’t like to flirt?


It’s something we all do, whether we mean to or not. Whether it’s getting a free piece of pie from your waitress or jumping to the front of the line outside a club after catching the bouncer’s eye, we’re all guilty of flirting with someone we’re not really attracted to now and then. Regardless, everyone likes to flirt and our Singles in America study recently unveiled some hidden truths about how both men and women use it to their advantage. Read more…