Match Success Couple: Nick and Heather

Match Success Couple: Nick and Heather

I am happy to announce on February 28th, 2015 at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in Mexico, I will be marrying Heather, the girl of my dreams who I met through I wish I could give full credit with this success story and for allowing me to meet Heather, but unfortunately I cannot (reason why described below). I know it is cliché to say “I am marrying the girl of my dreams”, because doesn’t every guy or girl seem to say that about the one they are marrying? For me, I can honestly say Heather is the girl of my dreams because everything I ever asked God for, or wanted in a partner, I have with her. Read more…

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Ways

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Ways

TGIF! It’s Friday and you’re probably thinking about anything other than your 3 pm project deadline. What to wear on that date tonight, should you go with a red lip or opt for a neutral shade, curls or straight hair—decisions, decisions! Well, while you’re at home tonight pondering booties vs. heels, let us give you a little advice on what NOT to do when it comes to texting and social media on your date tonight. From our recent Singles in America study, we found out what men say are major texting and social media faux pas: Read more…

Stir Events

All you have to do is show up…

STIR events are designed for busy people who want to do interesting things and meet others along the way. It’s pretty simple.  Because we’re powered by Match, we have a sense of where our members are, what they’re looking for and what they like to do. Take a look at any one of our event listings and you’ll see the time, the location, a description and the price of admission. But what you may not see is how we work with our event partners to figure out how to make the event different and special for Match members. We’re planning and preparing things on our end because we want you to have a great time and take full advantage of your time on Match. And all you have to do it show up.

Find out the latest Stir events happening in your neighborhood by signing onto your account today. 

Singles in America: Personality Traits

Singles In America: Personality Traits

Match Success Couple: Amberlyn and Troy

Match Success Couple: Amberlyn and Troy

I have grown up always believing in the fairy tale; hoping to have a good story of my own one day that rivaled those in Disney movies. My story starts in my living room as a single 25 year old watching network television on a Sunday. I had grown tired of the weekend routine of going to the bars only to find the “right” guy in all the wrong places (I should have known- Cinderella’s love story didn’t start with “I’ll have a beer, please.”). Read more…

Trending Topics February 20, 2015

Trending Topics February 20, 2015

Awards season is in full bloom, and with that, we’re finally approaching the main event: the most prestigious (and most fabulous!) awards show of the year, the 87th Annual Academy Awards. The long dresses, the diamonds, the slicked-back hair and most importantly, the “who’s who” of Hollywood all gathered into one room to celebrate the year’s most extraordinary films. The red carpet will definitely see its fair share of Hollywood couple royalty, but what about the love stories and romances within the films themselves? In #FlashbackFriday fashion, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite movie couples from past decades of Oscar-winning films. Read more…

Match Stir Events

Just to the right of the messages tab…

You know the drill: you view your daily matches, check your messages, see who is available to chat and you might even revisit your favorites list and send a few emails. There are so many interesting and fun features to help you customize and navigate your Match search.  But we don’t want you to forget about one of the features that is another ticket to meeting the influx of people who join Match all the time. Read more…

Singles in America: Checking Your Phone

Singles In America: Checking Your Phone

Match Success Couple: Kristy and Chris

Match Success Couple: Kristy and Chris

At last the search is over… we finally meet our match, literally! Chris and I met on For me, I had tried the site many times over the years. For Chris, it was his first! Thank goodness I decided to give it one more try because in the week I had my profile up Chris emailed me! And as they say, the rest is history.  Read more…

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending everyone all of our love today!