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Match Success Couple: Niccole and Tommy

niccole and tommy success couple

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Match Success Couple: Lorna and Jared

Lorna and Jared match success couple


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Match Success Couple: Kirby and Mark

Kirby and Mark Match Success Couple

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Baseball Home Run: Success off the Field

What happens when you mix love of baseball with the search for love? In light of our recent Match & partnership, we’re highlighting a special success couple who was connected through their mutual love of America’s pastime. Read their heartwarming story below!

emily & tom success couple

Emily & Tom 

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, it’s impossible not to be a baseball fanatic. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Tony and Erica success couple Tony and Erica entered TODAY show’s “Pop the Question contest“ and their video was chosen as a finalist amongst 800 submissions. Watch their proposal and read their story below!

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Match Success Couple Teresa and Ryan success couple teresa and ryan

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Monday Musing: Match Success Couple Sean and Victoria

victoria and sean success couple

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Propose Perfectly: Ring Q&A with Troy at Robbins Brothers Arlington

Troy Ruthruff, our Propose Perfectly contest winner, had the chance to select the perfect ring to propose to his wife-to-be Eliza with the help from our friends at Robbins Brothers. We sat down to chat with Troy about his ring buying experience at The Engagement Ring Store — see what he had to say about selecting the perfect rock!

Troy in front of Robbins Brothers

What were you most nervous about as you set out to find the perfect ring for Eliza? 

Honestly I really did not have a sense of nervousness or anxiety about picking the ring. I had an idea of what I wanted to give Eliza prior to the contest. I have purchased a large diamond in the past, and have had researched extensively. Read more…

Introducing Troy and Eliza,'s Propose Perfectly Winners

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Featured Success Story: Natalie and Scott

Natalie & Scott success couple

Scott and I met in August of 2012. After having been divorced for almost 4 years I had been doing online dating on and off for a while. Being a single parent, it was difficult to meet people and it seemed like the best option. Read more…