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Girls Night Out Events with Wella Professionals

Girls Night Out Events with Wella Professionals

Whether you’re a primping enthusiast or get your nails done once a year, even the most skeptical among us can’t argue with styling effects of a good blowout. And once you’ve had your hair done, there’s that twinge of hope that you’ll have somewhere great to go or someone interesting to run into. Well, we recently partnered with Wella Professionals to make sure that great hair was followed by a great event to show it off. Read more…

Be Topic and Story Ready

Be Topic and Story Ready

Whether you’re at a bar, event or practically any social occasion, there’s the chance to chat it up with someone new. In the past, we’ve talked about how a great question can spark a conversation. But so can a great answer! You might show up armed with things you’d like to ask somebody else, but don’t forget to take the time to think about interesting news, exciting developments and recent accomplishments in your own life that you want to share with someone new and work backwards from there. What we’re saying is, there’s no shame in setting yourself up to share your stories and delight in someone else’s, too. Read more…

“No” Is A Magic Word!

“No” Is A Magic Word!

By: Laurie Gerber

Many years of coaching singles in “finding the one” have given me great insight into our most universal dating fears:

1. Hearing “no.”

2. Saying “no.” Read more…

Slowing Things Down in SF

Slowing Things Down In San Fran

We’ve all been there: someone catches our attention and it seems like the list of commonalities is endless. And yet, once we meet in person, it seems harder to jumpstart the conversation beyond the nearest topics — namely, work, family, living situation, etc. And suddenly what began as a friendly chat starts to feel more like an interview and it’s nobody’s fault. Read more…

The Power of Game

The Power of Game

“Having game” is a well-worn dating term that means knowing what to say or do in any situation to attract the attention of another. Maybe it means other things to other people but let’s go with this definition for now. Read more…

Summer STIR Trips

Take a trip this summer with STIR

Summer’s almost here. In between checking work email and your Facebook feed, you’ve started looking at vacation spots and airline fares. Read more…

STIR Events: Cooking Class

The chance to learn something and the chance to meet someone

One of the best things about STIR events are their range. We have casual, after-work happy hours as well as week-long vacations. Nestled in the middle of that range is a broad offering of classes and learning opportunities.  Most of us have, at some point, wondered what it might be like to actually make our own pizza from scratch, been curious about motorcycles, considered kayaking or wanted to really understand the difference between a pinot noir and cabernet. Read more…

Matthew Hussey Live

9 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist, by Matthew Hussey

Do you know how to get his heart racing using nothing more than a simple text message?  Read more…

So, what do you like to do?

So, what do you like to do?

Two weeks back we talked about that typical (but not unusual) question, “What do you do?” as one of the questions we pull out of our conversational arsenal when we’re trying to get to know someone.   Read more…

Three Events, One Engagement

Three STIR Events, One Engagement

One of the messages we try to send our members is how well STIR events can work into your overall experience (and the chance to find a great relationship!). And nowhere is that message more evident that in the journey of Amanda and Chris. Read more…