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Summer STIR Trips

Take a trip this summer with STIR

Summer’s almost here. In between checking work email and your Facebook feed, you’ve started looking at vacation spots and airline fares. Read more…

STIR Events: Cooking Class

The chance to learn something and the chance to meet someone

One of the best things about STIR events are their range. We have casual, after-work happy hours as well as week-long vacations. Nestled in the middle of that range is a broad offering of classes and learning opportunities.  Most of us have, at some point, wondered what it might be like to actually make our own pizza from scratch, been curious about motorcycles, considered kayaking or wanted to really understand the difference between a pinot noir and cabernet. Read more…

Matthew Hussey Live

9 Texting Secrets Men Can’t Resist, by Matthew Hussey

Do you know how to get his heart racing using nothing more than a simple text message?  Read more…

So, what do you like to do?

So, what do you like to do?

Two weeks back we talked about that typical (but not unusual) question, “What do you do?” as one of the questions we pull out of our conversational arsenal when we’re trying to get to know someone.   Read more…

Three Events, One Engagement

Three STIR Events, One Engagement

One of the messages we try to send our members is how well STIR events can work into your overall experience (and the chance to find a great relationship!). And nowhere is that message more evident that in the journey of Amanda and Chris. Read more…

"So, what do you do"

“So, what do you do?”

It’s the age-old question we pull out of our conversational tool set when we’re meeting someone new. And it’s not that the question is a bad one, it’s just that it often leads to a simple, straightforward answer.

Here at STIR, we’ve witnessed a lot of in-person conversations.  In fact, we study them. And one thing we’ve not just noticed, but incorporated into the design of our events is giving people a way to talk about tried and true topics with more than just answers.

So what does that look like? Well, we want you to attend a STIR event to experience it for yourself, but imagine learning about someone’s job not by asking them to reveal their job title, but by finding out what search terms they most recently Googled (we realize people Google many things). Think about what a different response the question “How do you describe your job to people who don’t work in your field?” would yield.

As you navigate the dating world, we want to help you traverse traditional topics in fun and interesting ways.

Find out the latest STIR events happening in your neighborhood by signing onto your account today. 

Making the Most of Events Today

This Monday 3/23 Dial-In Webinar: Making the Most of Events Today

You walk into a bar, someone catches your eye and you start a conversation. You know this person has a lot to say and share but somehow it’s hard to get beyond the pleasantries. Not soon after, you talk to another person. This time, while the conversation flows pretty easily, you’re not feeling a connection and you’re not quite sure how to segue out of it.  The next conversation is great. You’re laughing, sharing commonalities and, well, it just feels easy. However in this case, you’re not quite sure how to transition to a follow-up date. Read more…

Stirring Up Success

Stirring Up Success

A lot of Match success stories start, obviously, online…a wink, a message, an alert that you’ve become someone’s favorite. But with the launch of our events platform, STIR, a whole new batch of success stories, equally compelling, have begun to emerge. The things we hear are different but the themes are very much the same; people being caught off guard by an unlikely connection, people connecting immediately or the surprise of an ordinary day turning extraordinary because of one conversation. Read more…

Stir Events

All you have to do is show up…

STIR events are designed for busy people who want to do interesting things and meet others along the way. It’s pretty simple.  Because we’re powered by Match, we have a sense of where our members are, what they’re looking for and what they like to do. Take a look at any one of our event listings and you’ll see the time, the location, a description and the price of admission. But what you may not see is how we work with our event partners to figure out how to make the event different and special for Match members. We’re planning and preparing things on our end because we want you to have a great time and take full advantage of your time on Match. And all you have to do it show up.

Find out the latest Stir events happening in your neighborhood by signing onto your account today. 

Match Stir Events

Just to the right of the messages tab…

You know the drill: you view your daily matches, check your messages, see who is available to chat and you might even revisit your favorites list and send a few emails. There are so many interesting and fun features to help you customize and navigate your Match search.  But we don’t want you to forget about one of the features that is another ticket to meeting the influx of people who join Match all the time. Read more…