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Introducing a Limited Edition Digital Vinyl from Match

Consciously Coupling Digital Download Album Art

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Top 10 Cities To Date a Baseball Fan on Match

baseball fan to date

With the announcement of the & Match partnership last week, we at Match decided to dig into which cities across America have the highest number of single baseball fanatics. And if you’re hoping to snag a baseball fan in the Midwest, you’re in luck — nine of our top 10 cities are located in the heart of the country! But Cardinals fans rejoice: St. Louis takes the number one spot for city with the most baseball cheering fans on See the full list below!

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The Third Date: Now What? By Delightful

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Third date: the “I’m into you” date

By this point, you’ve established that you like each other. Though you may not be hearing wedding bells just yet, you’re looking forward to seeing where this might go. You’re still trying to impress your date, but also letting your guard down. The third date is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a date that provides quality time together, and the chance to get a little closer. Read more…

Match & Partner Up to Bring Together Single Baseball Fans

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With baseball’s regular season just around the corner, Match and are teaming up to give singles another reason to cheer this season: for the first time, Match is giving members the opportunity for single baseball fans to connect online through 29 different fan pages for the duration of the 2014 MLB season, powered by Match!

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Match of the Month: NikkiNY19


Your Name: Nikki H.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day: Celebrating Redheads

luck of the irish st. patricks day redheads red heads

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and while people around the world are channeling their inner Irish, you can bet your green beads that redheaded ladies will be having the most fun, and maybe even getting the most lucky! According to our Singles in America survey, redheads are by far the most vivacious of all singles when it comes to their sex lives, and we have the data to prove it’s more than Irish folklore. When it comes to redheaded single women: Read more…

You Took Them Out: Now What? By Delightful

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Second date: the “I think I might like you” date

Congrats! You made it to the second date. You both had a good enough time to warrant a second go, and chances are you’ve been burning up the phone (or text) lines in between. Depending on the situation, second date waters can be a little difficult to navigate—you think you might like the person, but you don’t want to come off as too available or needy right off the bat. For this reason, we think that the second date should be all about fun. Read more…

You Asked Them Out: Now What? By Delightful


delightful dates first date ideas

When it comes to modern-day dating, the rules as we knew them have been thrown out the window. The unconventional has become the conventional as more and more couples meet in ways that until recently, weren’t even a possibility. But what does that mean when it’s time to actually go on a date? Is it different from if you met in a bookstore, coffee shop, or online? Read more…

Data Crush: Sexy Photo Don'ts

SIA_Graphic_Sexy Photos Turn off

Sexy photos from guys are the biggest texting turn off for single women, according to’s Singles in America study!

How-To Tuesday: Texting Like a Champion

Texting is an art… and some may need to brush up on their artistic expertise when it comes to translating the language of love digitally. With a few tips, you’ll be sending signals wirelessly in no time. Read more…