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5 Reasons to Say “Yes” All Season-Long

How is it December? We’re in total shock about it and we’re sure you are, too. Time really does fly, and this year has seemed exceptionally fast and action-packed. Read more…

Singles Greetings Cards

Deck the Halls with Singles Greetings

Ah, the holidays. Full of cheer, joy, and tons of Seasons Greetings cards that somehow end up covering every inch of counter, mantel, and table space. Read more…

thanksgiving eve

Here’s What You Should Do Thanksgiving Eve

It might seem counterintuitive to spend the night before the feast of all feasts out at a bar being social, considering how social you’ll have to be on actual Thanksgiving. That said, did you know that going out the night before Thanksgiving is extremely popular for most of the U.S.?!? Which means, your chances of meeting someone interesting goes up by a lot!

There’s something about being back in your home town, away from work and added responsibilities that inspires people to get out on the town. Many out-of-towners are IN town and want to capitalize on their visit back home with a nostalgic night out, so why not join in. It’s exciting to be a part of a bustling crowd of people that you never get to see, you never know when an old flame might be rekindled!

All said, take up those offers for a date or a casual group outing this week — you won’t regret it!


Thanksgiving gathering

5 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving

Wow, where did the time go!?! This Thursday is already Thanksgiving Read more…

met someone

Match’s “I Met Someone” Campaign

“I met someone.”

Three simple words that, when strung together, hold a universal meaning. It’s a phrase that everyone just “gets”, and most especially, one that we all hope to say to someone about somebody someday. Read more…

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Here’s How to Keep Calm During the Holi-dating Season

Wintertime is a funny time when it comes to dating. Read more…

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5 Dates We’re Going on This Winter

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’ve never been more ready to kick-off the holiday season! Read more…


This is How Many Dates You Should Go on Before Deciding on Someone

We all want the first date to be it — to walk in, sit down, and immediately feel those fireworks and sparks everyone talks about. We want to know right away because that’s the fairytale way of meeting — just knowing. Read more…

When you go home for the holidays

What to Expect When You Go Home for the Holidays

You’ll probably see a lot of holiday-centric posts from us in the coming weeks. Not only because we love this time of year, but also because the holidays lend themselves to a slew of emotions that we want to help you tackle. Read more…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Traveller

by G Adventures

We all have different reasons for traveling. Through our journeys and experiences, we become more compassionate, more cultured, more curious. And, hopefully, just a little bit wiser. So we reckon when it comes to the dating pool, there is something to be said about a person with a lot of ink in their passport. But why? Read more…