Match Made: Jessica & Erin

January 01, 2018

Sometimes, you click right away. That was the case for Jessica and Erin.

“Erin sent me a message on December 15, 2015, I said hi right back, and we were off!” Jessica told us.

After a few weeks of texting, the two met for the first time the day after Christmas and the connection was instant.

“Talk about butterflies!” Jessica wrote. “Our personalities, our senses of humor, and everything just fell right into place.”

The two became inseparable almost right away, and last July, Erin asked Jessica to be her wife. Since then, the happy couple has bought their first home, moved in together (along with both of their dogs and Jessica’s two sons), and are on their way to holy matrimony!

“We’ve found the love of our lives in each other,” Jessica said. “Thank you, Match. And thank you, Internet! Without both, we probably would’ve never met.”

You’re more than welcome, and we are so happy for you both. Congratulations!