Match Made: Colleen & Chris

February 05, 2018

Colleen had signed up for the one-week free trial on Match with low expectations. Yet, she surprised herself when she initiated conversation with Chris by sending him a wink.

“I started it, and then we began a friendly email exchange right away!” She told us.

The two lived 90 miles apart, so they agreed to meet somewhere in the middle for their first date. It started with a casual lunch, and turned into hours of talking. The two liked each other right away. By the holidays of that year, they were spending it together and with each other’s families.

Six months into their relationship, Colleen started her new adventure in nursing school, all the while still maintaining a happy, positive relationship with Chris. After two years of school, Colleen became a Registered Nurse, they moved in together and, three solid years into their love, got engaged!

The newly married couple couldn’t be happier.

“Next year, we hope to travel more and start having babies!”

We’re so happy for you, Colleen and Chris, and wish you all the best!