Let’s talk video date etiquette

February 24, 2022

People assumed the trend of video dating would die when social distancing did, but let’s set the record straight. According to Match’s Singles in America study, video dates are here to stay and “a new step in today’s courtship process.” We can’t say we’re surprised.

71% of singles say video chatting helped determine if they wanted to meet up in person, and 47% think it helps avoid a bad date.

So how can you ensure you’re making the most of the movement? Start by following these tips:

Location, location, location.

While your bathroom might have great lighting, your toilet and tub don’t exactly scream romance. The same can be said for a pile of laundry or sink full of dishes. That doesn’t mean you have to aim for a blank canvas though. Positioning yourself in front of a bookshelf or cool piece of art can help spark conversation. If the lighting isn’t ideal, consider investing in a little ring light that hooks on your phone or laptop.

Don’t just dress from the waist up.

While video calls typically focus on the face, you never know when your phone or laptop might slip, or you might have to jump up to answer the front door. So play it safe and put on pants. You’ll thank us later.

Prepare some conversation starters ahead of time.

Just like when you’re meeting face-to-face, there can be lulls in the conversation. Have a few easy topics up your sleeve – whether it’s a funny story from your weekend or a specific question regarding one of their interests – to help break awkward silences.

78% of singles have felt romantic chemistry during a video date. 

Be game for games.

It might sound childish, but playing a game is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other. You can opt for something simple like 21 Questions or Have You Ever, or each download a game that allows you to play against each other while you chat.

Get creative.

Games aren’t the only way to liven up a video call. Consider an activity you can do together. Whether it’s cooking the same meal, taking each other on a virtual house tour, or introducing your pets, having something to do with your hands can help take the pressure off.

Keep it positive.

It might be tempting to spend half the call discussing the ongoing pandemic or whatever the latest news headline is that day. But try not to let negative topics dominate the conversation. You want them to leave the chat feeling happy and optimistic.

Don’t catch them off guard.

Spontaneity can be sweet, but not when it comes to video calls. Always agree on a time to chat beforehand, that way you’re not putting anyone in an awkward position.  Ready to put our tips to the test? Schedule a Vibe Check today.