How To Roadtrip With A Partner

July 03, 2018

68% of singles would rather go #2 on the side of the road in front of their partner vs. picking up a hitchhiker.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In celebration of summer, we teamed up with Roadtrippers for a one-of-a-kind survey, revealing some noteworthy tips, tricks and pet peeves from over 1,500 singles, all about taking a road trip with a romantic partner.

How soon is too soon to go on a road trip with someone? The survey found that 60% of singles agree that it’s ok to go on a road trip with a new partner after 1 month of dating and nearly a third of singles (33%) say that it’s a very significant milestone in a new relationship. The study also found that the biggest pet peeve for both men and women is the way their partner drives (38%), followed by their choice in music (19%).

Tips for Roadtripping With a Partner

  1. Be Adventurous: Most singles want to do something different and unique on roadtrips. Take advantage of your time on the road and try something new! 47% of singles would stay in a haunted hotel during a road trip with a new partner and 41% would sleep in their car.
  1. Keep Your Cool: Be prepared for surprises on the road and be flexible if your plan changes. 83% of singles agree that the biggest thing they hope to learn from their new partner is how they deal with unexpected situations. Do your best to keep calm and take everything in stride!
  1. Take Your Time: Roadtrips are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t make a meticulous plan, go with the flow. 69% of singles describe their road trip personality as “All About the Drive: I like to take my time, enjoy the ride, see the sights and I’m always up for a detour or two.” Surprisingly, only 6% of singles describe their road trip personality as “The Planner: I plan out my entire trip from start to finish and rarely stray from my itinerary.”
  1. Change a Tire Like a Pro: Around 74% of singles say they can change a flat tire (M, 96% vs W, 51%) and surprisingly, 45% of single women say it’s a TURN-OFF if their partner cannot change a tire.  You don’t want to be stuck in a bind AND turn off your partner, make sure your tire changing skills are on point.

This OR That Roadtrip Edition

  • Hydrate – Single roadtrippers would choose water (76%) over soda (24%)
  • Staying cool – Singles prefer the AC (63%) rather than letting the windows down (37%)
  • Sense of adventure – Make plans on the fly (55%) instead of planning everything ahead of the trip (45%)
  • Driving the speed limit – Abiding by the speed limit (56%) is more acceptable than speeding (44%)
  • Napping – 72% of singles would NOT be annoyed if their partner napped frequently on the trip
  • Frequent bathroom breaks – 88% would NOT be annoyed if their partner stopped to use the restroom more often than themselves
  • Unwinding after the trip – Singles prefer to relax at the hotel pool (61%) vs. the hotel bar (40%)

Road trip turn-offs

  • Silence – Over a third of singles (34%) say 1 hour is TOO long when it comes to moments of silence in the car on a road trip with a new partner.
  • Road Rage – 71% of singles agree that if their partner expresses signs of road rage during a road trip it’s a TURN OFF. (M, 62% vs W, 81%)
  • Tunes – Singles prefer to listen to music (88%) over podcasts or audiobooks (11%)
  • Fast Food – Singles would rather sit at a local restaurant (76%) over getting drive through (24%)
  • Splitting the cost of gas – 56% agree that they would NOT ask their partner to split the cost of gas
  • Room & board – Singles would prefer to stay at a historic bed and breakfast (64%) over an upscale hotel (36%)
  • Stick shift – Singles prefer to drive an automatic (73%) over a manual (27%)

We’re wishing you and your mate safe (and happy) travels this summer and remember to enjoy the ride!