Hottest Day Of The Summer

June 13, 2018

Are you feeling the heat this summer? Spring flings are over and it is time to find that special someone to show off to your family at all of the weddings and barbecues filling the next few months.

With June coming to a close, it is time to get serious about finding that special someone to share your beach towel with. The good news is that the HOTTEST DAY OF SUMMER is right around the corner. We have compiled 20+ years of data and site activity to be able to share the busiest day for summer lovin’.

This year, the hottest day of summer will be the Sunday following the 4th of July, July 8th.

Get your profile ready and make your partner dreams a reality in just a few weeks. We’re predicting the summer sparks will be flying even more than on Valentine’s Day! We expect to see 20% MORE activity than we did on February 14th, so this is THE day to find your Match.

Jump into the hottest day of summer on Match and make a splash with these tips:

  1. Update your photos to include your sexy summer tan
  2. Complete your profile with your Summer Bucket List
  3. Take advantage of the weather – trade in “dinner and drinks” for a hike and a picnic

Grab your phone, tablet or computer and pencil in July 8th – now is the time to find the partner you’ve been searching for.