Crush Of The Month: Jennifer

February 12, 2018

By day, she’s a fashion and beauty blogger with a substantial YouTube following. By night, well — she’s all the above plus a normal, coffee-loving, Spanish-learning firecracker.

“My friends would describe me as ‘animated,’” the brunette beauty told us. “I get really excited really easily. I’m just an upbeat, bubbly person who loves to talk!”

As a full-time blogger, Jennifer has the schedule most people only dream of.

“I wake up, make an espresso, then get to the gym,” she told us. “After that, every day is different. I’m always working on imagery and videos for my blog, but errands, visiting with friends, and other ongoing projects are always weaved in!”

Lately, though, studying Spanish has made its way into her daily routine due to new work opportunities coming up in Mexico City.

“On dates, guys usually ask me all about my job. Working in social media is a relatively new profession, so my dates are typically really intrigued by what it entails.”

Although she’s scared of flying, that doesn’t keep her away from travel. The social media socialite dreams of visiting Bali someday. She also is slightly nervous around dogs (“I like someone to be around when I pet them”), but loves cats. She even has one named Nemo.

As for what she considers her biggest accomplishment so far, it’s definitely her virtual impact via online videos.

“My YouTube channel is my greatest accomplishment by far,” she said. “My fans are my friends. I’ve even met some of them! We confide in each other, and it feels so good to know I created this community.”

When it comes to dating, Jennifer is very black and white about being into someone or not.

“I need to be completely overwhelmed by the idea of someone to see them more than once,” she told us. “I want someone I can’t stop thinking about, so I won’t stop searching until I have that feeling.”

She listed her top qualities in a guy as vulnerability, modesty, and someone as laid back as her. And as for why she joined Match? Well…

“I’m excited to be on a site that supports who and what I’m looking for and sends me strong potential matches every day.”

We hope we can deliver on that, Jennifer!

If you think you’d hit it off with our Crush of the Month, find Jennifer on Match and send her a message today! View her profile here.