Crush Of The Month: Ana

January 11, 2018

If you hit the snooze button every morning, you and Ana may not get along.

“I have always been a morning person,” the brunette beauty told us. “I look forward to my first cup of coffee and usually sneak in a quick workout before heading to the office each day.”

This ambitious Raleigh, North Carolina resident is a self-described firecracker with a lot of spice, which makes sense since she’s Ecuadorian (her family still lives there!). Although highly career-driven, Ana always makes time for the important things like her dog (Chalupa), her friends and family (“Most nights I’ll invite friends over for a glass of wine and whip up something tasty!”), and travel.

“2018 is my year of travel,” she told us. “I already have trips booked to Iceland, Brazil, Aspen, and Napa!”

As outgoing as this hot sauce-loving lady is, she also loves her downtime.

“I love podcasts, and I love to read. One of my favorite places to go is the local library or a bookstore so I can hide between the shelves with a good book and cup of coffee.”

The newfound Okra-addict (“Ever since I moved to the south, I’ve been addicted! It’s the best veggie out there”) also loves bopping to the Top 40, remaining active, and considers laughter the best medicine and biggest turn-on.

“Finding someone funny is my top priority,” the brunette go-getter told us. “I look forward to laughing every single day and want my partner to play a big role in that.”

As for why Ana decided to get on Match…

“These days, I feel like everyone knows someone who met their person on Match and, more importantly, is happy and in love!”

So, men of North Carolina, if you think you have the humor and drive Ana’s looking for, reach out and say hi! Oh, and we should tell you: If you end up at Ana’s place for a home-cooked meal of her famous enchiladas… let’s just say, she really likes you. Find Ana on Match here.