Match Made: Samira & Manoj

January 08, 2018

Growing up in the Indian culture, both Samira and Manoj knew what was expected of them when it came to marriage.

“We knew we had a certain ‘path’ we were supposed to take.”

However, neither Samira or Manoj were attracted to who they were told they should be. So, they each decided to give Match a try — just to see who else was out there.

“It’s amazing. Match connected two people from completely different parts of the United States who just so happened to speak the same native language and are from the same city in India!”

The two corresponded on Match for a month, taking their time to tell their stories and get to know one another. When they finally met, their connection was that much stronger because of the build-up.

“We dated long distance for eight months before Samira decided to join me in Maryland,” Manoj wrote.

By New Year’s they were engaged, and by Labor Day, they were married!

“We are so happy and feel so fortunate that we met each other on Match and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

We can’t either. Congratulations, you two!