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Who is the More Kissable Presidential Candidate?

In a recent poll conducted by and Happen Magazine, singles responded overwhelmingly that when it comes to kissing, Barack is the right man for the job! Out of over 2500 responses, the poll revealed 61% of Americans believe Barack Obama would be a better kisser than Mitt Romney (who won 39% of the votes). Who do you think would be the better smoocher?

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Political Questions Answered by Singles

There’s no doubt that the 2012 Presidential election is fiercely in full swing, but did you know that a single’s political affiliation speaks volumes in regards to their views on sex and love?’s Singles in America 2012 study has uncovered which political party’s constituents are doing it more, who’s doing it less, and which ones do it best. We asked a few singles on the streets of Austin, Texas to share their thoughts with us in the video below.