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"The Insider" Features Celebrities That Have Used

If you happened to catch The Insider on television last night, you might have seen’s relationship expert Whitney Casey giving the rundown on why some celebrities have chosen to dabble in online dating- especially! You can see the clip below:

Would you date a celebrity if they turned out to be an online match? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Success Couple: David and Meg


David: I was first interested in Meg when I came across her cute pictures and intriguing profile on last summer.

Meg: Any ladies that have tried online dating can relate when I say that it is a bit overwhelming. There are lots of guys out there, but every once in a while someone’s email will catch your eye. Last July, I got an email from David. It was short and sweet, but enough to get me to look at his profile. So, the conversation started… Read more…

The Dateline: Getting to Love You

You and your match are well past the first date and have championed through the middle stage of getting comfortable with one another, and things are starting to get serious. We like to call this the “getting to love you” phase, and it is full of touchy subjects like discussing finances, moving in together, and of course, walking down the aisle. Based on our findings from the Singles in America study and this dating timeline, we asked singles to weigh in on these relationship firsts. Check out when they think these more serious dating and relationship monuments should occur below.

The Dateline: Getting to Like You

So you’re past the first date, and you and your match are moving right along into what we at like to call the “getting to like you” phase. Based on our findings from the Singles in America study, we put together this dating timeline comprised of all the relationship “firsts” and asked singles to weigh in on the results! Check out when they think these dating and relationship monuments should occur below.

Featured Success Couple: Stephanie and Jeff

It’s funny how some things work out- I was in the middle of training for my 3rd Ironman triathlon, and was out on the Chicago lakefront path for an 18 miler. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Amy and Jason

After joining on the exact same day, we found each other on Wednesday, August 4th 2010, and decided to meet in person on August 6th. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Sara and Adam

I don’t even know where to begin! Never been so happy with someone that I’m STILL in awe! January 4th! I had an amazing man show up on my list of people Match suggested to me as people I might be interested in. So I clicked “yes” to Adam. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Kim and Adam

Most people don’t even know that Adam and I met online because we both were actually attending the same school. We both were law students at the University of Dayton School of Law, but he was in the class ahead of me and I had never met him. Read more…

Cities Luckiest in Love in 2011

Kiss me, I’m… from LA? We asked singles around the country about their love lives this past year, and found Irishmen weren’t the only ones with lucky charms in their pockets! Here are the cities that were luckiest in love in 2011, based on our Singles in America study: Read more…