Ketel One Tee Time

Stir and Diageo are Mixing Up Summer Drink Recipes

When the heat is on, the cocktail takes center stage. Our friends at Bulleit Bourbon and Ketel One Vodka have served up two cocktail recipes designed to please everyone. Whether you prefer the timeless embrace of a Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned or the light, refreshing splash of a Ketel One Citroen Tee Time, make no mistake– there’s no substitute for excellence.

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stir getaways

Escape the Everyday with Stir Getaways

If you think an enviable vacation and finding love in paradise go hand-in-hand, you may find your plans booked up for the rest of the year! Stir by Match has launched Getaways by Match, where Match singles can experience the trip of a lifetime along with other travel-minded singles. And if you find traveling with a partner sexy, you’re not alone: 92% of singles of all ages find traveling together intimate within a relationship. With trips ranging from a backpacking excursion through Colorado to a cruise through the Caribbean islands, there is adventure for no matter what type of getaway you covet. Read more…


Match Success Couple: Cyndi and Jay

After 10 years of marriage, I never thought I’d find someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I was resigned to just be a single mom and live a life full of my children and pets.  My mother moved in to my house and we planned to be “Dorothy and Sophia” from the Golden Girls.  Read more…

Trending Topics: July 11, 2014

Each week, we are breaking down the latest stories in love, relationships and pop culture. Use them as ice breakers on your date this weekend, or as a cautionary tale in dating. Either way, we want to hear your opinions in the comment section!

Matthew Knowles, You Might Be The Father

Matthew Knowles birthed the QUEEN that is Beyonce (and hot mess that is Solange), but apparently he’s been making a string of illegitimate children. The latest woman to come forth and demand child support is TaQoya Branscomb. According to filed papers, Knowles and Branscomb conceived the baby girl in 2010. The plot thickens: that was the same year Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother, split! Oh, and did we forget to mention Branscomb was best friends with Solange? (We suggest you take the stairs and avoid all elevators, TaQoya.)

Have you ever had a parent get together with one of your best friends?


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bebe and match stir events photo

Stir and bebe Team Up to Bring Sexy Back to Summer Date Night Looks

On Thursday, July 17th, bebe and Match Stir Events invite the ladies of Match to an evening of in-store fun and pampering at select bebe stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Atlanta. Bring a girlfriend and come try on bebe’s collection of summer separates perfect for the warm weather ahead– their team of stylists will help you craft the perfect date night outfit. Read more…

brittany and Jimmy match success couple

Match Success Couple: Brittany & Jimmy

Jimmy and I met on Match right before both of us were going to cancel our membership. We had each been on a few dates with people that hadn’t turned out very well, and we were about to cut our losses. Then Jimmy saw my Date Spark idea on his page one day. Go Kart racing, arcade games, and bad pizza. Read more…

Kara & Brandon success story

Match Success Couple: Kara and Brandon

In honor of this weekend’s Fourth of July holiday, we wanted to highlight not one, but TWO All-American couples with plenty to celebrate themselves. Thank you for your service, Brandon & Rob, and Happy Independence Day to all!

Brandon and I first connected on in April of 2009. I had received numerous emails from other guys, but I was not interested in them. When Brandon emailed me, I knew right away he was the one for me. He only left out one minor detail when we started emailing each other, and that was he was in Iraq. Read more…

casey & heidi

Match Success Couple: Casey & Heidi

“After being on off and on since my mid 20′s, I’m now 37, I have met many wonderful people. I even met my ex-wife on Although it didn’t work out between she and I, I wouldn’t change meeting her for the world because it led to my two wonderful children…”

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Trending Topics: June 27, 2014

Each week, we are breaking down the latest stories in love, relationships and pop culture. Use them as ice breakers on your date this weekend, or as a cautionary tale in dating. Either way, we want to hear your opinions in the comment section!

Lana Del Rey and Her Boyfriend Broke Up… But Uh, He Didn’t Get the Memo

When Noah told Allie, “It still isn’t over!” he was deemed a cinematic hero. Well, now that Lana Del Rey’s rocker (ex?) boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill is saying it—it’s creepy. Singer Del Rey recently started that the couple had broken up. “We are currently not together… He is a wonderful person. But there are some things with which he has to deal. I will not explain it in detail. This was hard on our relationship, I no longer felt free. We’ll see how it goes.” O’Neill was asked about his new-found relationship status, and he replied, “It’s not over. It’s not over, don’t believe what you read.” Sounds pretty over to us, buddy.

Have you ever had an ex who just couldn’t accept the break-up?


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menage a trois wine stir event

Stir Event Recap: Happy Hours with Ménage à Trois Wine

There are Stir events happening every night all over the country, and we wanted to share with you a few of our favorites each week. We’re updating you on an on-going event series that includes every single’s favorite beverage: wine.

The Nitty-Gritty

Ménage à Trois wine and Match have been hosting classy happy hours together since February 2014, and are offering a few more before summer ends!  Read more…