Couples Costumes

5 Easy Couples Halloween Costumes We Love

Halloween is finally here! It’s the best and most fun night of every year, where you get to be whoever you want to be. Read more…

Cory & Lisa

Cory & Lisa: They Can Get Through Anything

Cory & Lisa’s #MatchMade story as told by Cory:

I joined Match for a 3-month subscription and a couple months went by without much success. Read more…

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How to Answer the Question All Singles Dread

With the holidays quickly approaching, that means an abundance of family time is about to happen. Read more…

happy single girl

5 Reasons to Celebrate Singlehood

Let’s be honest with one another — sometimes being single is great and sometimes it’s, well, not so great. Read more…

girl in sunglasses

Practice Makes Perfect Patience

In today’s online world of dating, things move fast. People are constantly online, connecting, talking, and interacting. It’s go go go all the time! So it makes sense that we have grown more and more impatient over the years when it comes to romance. We want it all and we want it right now. Why wouldn’t we when we live in a world where you can order toilet paper online and get it delivered to your home within hours?!

However, our advice to you when it comes to expecting a lot in a little amount of time is,

 Practice more patience.

When something between yourself and a connection doesn’t unfold as quickly as you’d like it to, try to step back and slow down. Sometimes, the greatest and deepest connections take time to develop. Just because someone isn’t calling, texting, or seeing you as frequently as you’d like, that doesn’t mean things won’t pick up. Give them the opportunity to before you grow impatient. After all, good things really do come to those who are patient.

girl with phone

5 Modern-Day Relationship Milestones

Modern dating. It’s a conundrum, isn’t it? On one hand, it’s nice to be moving on from the antiquated ways of old-school dating, but also a little scary as we see chivalry and courtship dangerously close to being dead. Read more…

Kenya & Michelle

Kenya & Michelle: Their Connection was Effortless

It was the spring of 2010 and Kenya was a 28 year-old waitress at a popular airport café. She was happy, making good money, but most days she still felt lonely. Something was missing. Read more…

Timothy & Michael

Timothy & Michael: True Love Does Exist

When Timothy first saw Michael’s profile he was immediately intrigued.  Read more…

Amy & Justin

Amy & Justin: Preschool Sweethearts

Yes, you read that right, preschool not high school sweethearts. These two lovebirds have been insperable since their days of naps, snacks and arts & crafts. Read more…

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The One Profile Trick That Will Help Attract the Right Matches

It’s an unavoidable truth that some online daters only skim the surface of profiles. Read more…