Match Success Couple: Julie and Chad

Match Success Couple: Julie and Chad

Chad and I met on He first emailed me on February 9, 2015. I responded to his email on February 10th and we chatted most of that day. We agreed to meet on the following Friday, February 13th and set up a time and place for a date. Chad and I both were not looking for a serious relationship, but rather just looking to meet new people and go out and have fun. We agreed that we were on the same page and not looking for a relationship. We were both actively dating other people and were open and honest about our intentions. Read more…

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very HOPPY Easter Sunday! What do you do to celebrate? Brunch with friends? Egg hunts with the family? Leave us a note in the comments section below.


Happy Easter

Singles and Religion

Singles and Religion

"So, what do you do"

“So, what do you do?”

It’s the age-old question we pull out of our conversational tool set when we’re meeting someone new. And it’s not that the question is a bad one, it’s just that it often leads to a simple, straightforward answer.

Here at STIR, we’ve witnessed a lot of in-person conversations.  In fact, we study them. And one thing we’ve not just noticed, but incorporated into the design of our events is giving people a way to talk about tried and true topics with more than just answers.

So what does that look like? Well, we want you to attend a STIR event to experience it for yourself, but imagine learning about someone’s job not by asking them to reveal their job title, but by finding out what search terms they most recently Googled (we realize people Google many things). Think about what a different response the question “How do you describe your job to people who don’t work in your field?” would yield.

As you navigate the dating world, we want to help you traverse traditional topics in fun and interesting ways.

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Introducing Match Beyond

Introducing: Match Beyond

Today, Match announced “Match Beyond,” a new dating service dedicated to finding a mate for all souls – whether living, dead, or somewhere in between. More details about Match’s innovative sister site for finding love that lasts an eternity can be found HERE or by calling 1-844-A-SOUL-M8. 

“We believe that this is the next big, untapped niche market for online dating and helping people make soulful connections,” said Casper McFadden, President of Post-Life Courtship. “Match Beyond is here to help you light the spark with someone in the afterlife that we hope will become your eternal flame.”

Do you need some afterlife love? Post a comment and let us know!

Match Success Couple: Katie and Tim

Match Success Couple: Katie and Tim

Tim and I were both young widows who lost our late spouses 3 years ago. We thought that we would never date again. We both took a chance and posted a few pictures and a couple of words to our profiles. Tim is from Connecticut and I am from Long Island. We met for lunch on our first date… and the rest is history! A year later we are now engaged and getting married this fall. Read more…

Singles in their 20′s don’t have time to wait…

20-somethings Don't Wait for Texts

Match Success Couple: Stephanie and Timothy

Match Success Couple: Stephanie and Timothy

Stephanie was about to sign off of after many unsuccessful dates. Prior to discontinuing her account, Stephanie received one more email from Tim explaining how much respect he had for her profession, working with special need students. Tim had an adorable picture with his dog Carl, also couldn’t live without Starbucks and his computer, like Stephanie, and the phone calls just continued. Their first date was at a brewery in New Brunswick, where it was an instant connection. Read more…

#MatchMadness: Dating Tips Explained By Basketball

You didn’t ask, but we answered. Introducing #MatchMadness: dating tips explained by basketball.

#Match Madness: Tip#1
#MatchMadness: Tip #2

#MatchMadness: Tip #3#MatchMadness: Tip #4#MatchMadness: Tip #5
#MatchMadness: Tip #6

#MatchMadness: Tip #7
#MatchMadness: Tip #8

#MatchMadness: Tip #9

#MatchMadness: Tip #10
#MatchMadness: Tip #11

Making the Most of Events Today

This Monday 3/23 Dial-In Webinar: Making the Most of Events Today

You walk into a bar, someone catches your eye and you start a conversation. You know this person has a lot to say and share but somehow it’s hard to get beyond the pleasantries. Not soon after, you talk to another person. This time, while the conversation flows pretty easily, you’re not feeling a connection and you’re not quite sure how to segue out of it.  The next conversation is great. You’re laughing, sharing commonalities and, well, it just feels easy. However in this case, you’re not quite sure how to transition to a follow-up date. Read more…