The Real Cost of Dating in America

Think a date will break the bank? We at have some new insights for singles into to the relationship between money and dating. We found a significant dissimilarity between men’s and women’s expectations and their behaviors when it comes to finances and dating. Singles revealed how they feel about how much they should spend preparing for dates, the actual cost of a first date, and the effects of debt on a relationship, and we found dating doesn’t always require an arm and a leg- just a heart. Check out our links below for the full story on the real cost of dating in America.

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  • I used to have a rough limit on what I’d spend on the first few dates. I was a student at the time and could only manage dates around a fairly tight budget. As I’ve gotten older though I still don’t go crazy and throw money around on a date, even if I really like the girl.

    The last thing I want to come across as is a ‘show off’ when it comes to money but at the same time the ‘cheapskate’ label is a nasty one to wear. I strike a balance by ensure we always have a beautiful atmosphere, a nice bottle of wine and tasty food. It might take a bit of research on my behalf to find a place like that which fits into my budget but it’s better, in my opinion, than just splashing out and looking like a ‘try hard.’ 🙂