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Featured Success Couple: Vanessa and Michael

Vanessa & Michael Success Couple

Mike and I joined Match for the first time within a few days of each other. We were both recently divorced, both of us have young children, and neither of us were expecting much but figured it couldn’t hurt to see if there’s anyone out there who might be interesting.  Read more…

Featured Success Story: Ashley and Charlie

Ashley & Charles

I had just got out of a long relationship and it ended badly.  I was having a hard time finding an ideal match and I found meeting people in San Francisco to be surprisingly tough.  I’m not one to go out to bars often to meet new people, and work kept me pretty busy as well.  I thought I would try the online dating thing and it was such a great decision!  Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Shannon and Greg

Shannon and Greg Success Couple

Our story is truly special and unique and one that I never imagined. I never thought that the man I had envisioned in my mind would actually show up in the pages of Match and walk into my life “on that white horse” so to speak. These fairy tales happen on those movies or romance novels…. not to single mother of three children!!! Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Dave and Alyssa

Dave & Alyssa Success Couple

Dave first emailed Alyssa on a slow Friday at work. Though he hadn’t written much in his profile, he used a tried and true technique for getting her attention: mentioning travel. Dave had just returned from a trip to Colombia, and Alyssa had just visited Chile and Argentina. After a few exchanges about travel and music, a date was set for the following Tuesday. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Paul and Erika Success Couple Paul & Erika

Erika and I met on last December. She messaged me using the chat function on Match. We both had busy schedules, so we texted back and forth for about a month before initially meeting. It was my first time meeting someone from an online site, so you could imagine, I was a nervous wreck. I remember making her compliment my shirt because it took me hours to pick out. She lived in Raleigh and I lived in Southern Pines, about an hour away from one another. So for the first few months, we traveled to see each other. There was not a weekend we went without seeing one another. Read more…

Featured Stir Success Couple: Erin and Dusan

Erin & Dusan Success Couple Stir

We met a singles mixer through the Stir Events. It was a fun way to meet and we really enjoyed talking that first night. He asked for my number and a first date by the end of the night. I think we both checked out each other’s profiles after we met and before the first date. Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Brian and Karlina

Brian & Karlina success couple

Karlina and I are a true success story.  When I first saw her profile, her smile in her profile picture immediately caught my attention.   Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Nolan and Ginna

Nolan & Ginna success couple

We initially met through :) Read more…

Featured Success Couple: Ravi and Tasha

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Ravi and Tasha Success Couple


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Featured Success Story:'s own Brian and Lauren

Every Thursday in the Dallas office, employees attend a company-wide meeting where numbers are analyzed and site functions are addressed. After all is said and done however, attendees are read a unique love story sent in by our members themselves. The stories, both inspiring and moving, are a wonderful reminder of the real reason why we work at – to help our members (and sometimes, even coworkers!) fall in love. This week’s story features a former employee Brian and his wife whom he met through Match. Check out their video below!

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Brian and Lauren success story couple

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