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Julie & Keith success couple

Match Success Couple: Julie and Keith

I was instantly attracted to Keith when I saw his online profile. He was a teacher, just like myself and he seemed to portray a very positive outlook on life. After talking for a couple of weeks online, we decided to meet and we were hooked from that point on. We had endured many hard times together in the beginning and as we built our lives together but we always found a way to get through. Read more…

Kelly & Wes success couple

Match Success Couple: Kelly and Wes

I never thought I would be one of Match’s success stories! I’m thrilled to be sharing my story and even more thrilled to have found “the one.” Read more…

Courtney & Josh success couple

Match Success Couple: Courtney and Josh

Josh and I messaged for an evening and texted for two days before exchanging phone numbers and making plans to meet.  I was really nervous because my last few relationships had ended horribly and I was still hurting. I had only joined at the urging of some close friends. I thought he was cute the second I saw him, and we didn’t stop talking until the rain made us. Read more…

Cristi & Michael ID 37591

Match Success Couple: Cristi & Michael

Michael will always say that I winked at him first, but that’s up for debate. We found each other through our love of our dogs. He had a Husky and I had a Chiweenie. In fact, his tag line was “My best friend is my Husky Bubba!” What animal-loving woman wouldn’t wink at that? We started e-mailing and then eventually exchanged phone numbers and the relationship heightened to texting. He finally had the nerve to meet up on June 11 at the San Diego County Fair. He had never been, and I was a pro at the fair so I knew this would be the perfect place for us to meet. Read more…

Raphael & Brittney

Match Success Couple: Raphael and Brittney

Well, like most online stories it starts with a little skepticism. I did not know anything about online dating and figured it wouldn’t work. Low and behold my first month with match I found the love of my life, who is now my fiance. It started January 2014 with her messaging me “you look familiar.” Looking at her profile she did look familiar. Read more…

Amy & Geoff Success Couple

Match Success Couple: Amy and Geoff

Geoff, an online dating newbie, joined in the summer of 2012. Amy, a vet, had just re-joined the site to spice things up for the summer. One random July day, Amy came across Geoff’s profile. Not only was she drawn to his uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt, but she also loved the fact that his profile lacked shirtless selfies. After a few witty email exchanges (or at least attempts), the two met for dinner at Sunda, an Asian-fusion restaurant downtown. Read more…

Stephanie & Ryan Success Couple

Match Success Couple: Stephanie & Ryan

Ryan and I met here on, started dating, fell in love, and a year later we were engaged! Now we are planning our wedding, which will take place about a year from now! We are enjoying a long two-year engagement, living with each other and learning more about each other every day. I fall in love with him more each day and we are both super excited for our future together! Read more…

Austin Matchmade Finalist

#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Austin

Today we’re highlighting our last #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalist –Austin! Austin just started classes at North Central Texas College, Corinth Campus after graduating from Lake Dallas High School earlier this year.

Austin’s video was chosen as a finalist because it sweetly showcases how Austin, an only child of a single mother, always wanted a father. After meeting the new man in his mother’s life way back in 2003, he knew it was “Dad at first sight” and their family began to grow!


Dacia MatchMade Scholarship Contestant

#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Dacia

Today we’re highlighting the fourth of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists –Dacia! Dacia attends the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, while working three jobs part-time to make ends meet as a college student.

Dacia’s video showcases the story of her mother and stepfather, step-sister Aevean and their two younger half siblings Iris and Asa. Their story is a testament to long distance relationships, blended families, and taking that big leap of faith.


Allen & Laure success couple

Match Success Couple: Allen and Laure

Laure and I dated briefly right after high school, in 1996. Life took us both in different directions, for nine years. We both married and divorced and I moved about 120 miles south, while Laure stayed in the same town we’d both gone to high school in. Read more…