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michael and michelle success couple

Match Success Couple: Michael and Michelle

“On Friday July 12th, 2013 I met the love of my life. It was an instant connection. When she walked into that restaurant, it was as if time stood still. Conversation came easily and didn’t stop for hours. We met again Saturday for lunch, Saturday night for drinks and spent all day Sunday together. If you ask my closest friends, they will confirm I called them saying “I found her”!”

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angela and keith success couple

Match Success Couple: Angela and Keith

“Match is how our story started! I would have never met him if it weren’t for Match. He is an engineer and I am a claims adjuster. When we met we lived in different nearby cities however worked in the same city right down the road from each other…” Read more…

randy and liz match success story

Match Success Couple: Randy and Liz

“After a failed marriage I never thought I would let myself get back to place of vulnerability and long term commitment. I wanted real love and connection but I was jaded and wanted to focus on my career and my two small children with little time left for another person. I had girlfriends after my divorce but there were always major deal breakers that it took a very long time to discover and come to terms with…”

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katelyn and grant match success couple

Match Success Couple: Katelyn and Grant

“Grant and I met on Match in 2012. We realized right away that we shared the same morals and values, and were very compatible. Grant proposed the following year, and we are getting married next week! We thank God for each other, and for making it happen!”

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Match CEO Sam Yagan chats with bloggers about the $50,000 #MatchMade Scholarship

We asked Match CEO Sam Yagan to chat with some bloggers to share all the details surrounding the $50,000 MatchMade Scholarship contest.

See what he had to say about helping to create 1 million babies, and the $50,000 he plans to grant one lucky #MatchMade kid!

Danielle and Daniel success couple

Match Success Couple: Danielle and Daniel

“I never expected to find the love of my life in a (virtual) trash can.  Luckily I had my mom looking over my shoulder as I went through my Match email trash bin that had been filtered by distance.  Dan happened to live in southern NH outside of my ‘radius.’  My mom read his email and made me write him back.  Thankfully I listened to my mom.” Read more…

mrs harris rosa blasi wedding

Match Success Couple: Rosa Blasi and Todd William Harris

Lifetime television star Rosa Blasi reached out to us following a People Magazine story about her and her recent husband Todd’s marriage just last month in Malibu. You can read her note below!

“Thought I would personally reach out and thank you, as well as let you know (if you haven’t heard) about the wide spread internet attention that my meeting my husband on your website has gotten. and the associated press have run this story all over the internet today: Read more… Presents #MatchMade Scholarship: Challenging Children of Success Couples to Compete for a $50k Scholarship

Do you have children (or step-children) from a relationship? Know someone who does? Then listen up!

Today we’re excited to announce the MatchMade Scholarship Contest, a $50,000 contest open to kids who have a parent that either met or remarried through the site. Read more…

lori & greg success couple

Match Success Couple: Lori and Greg

“Greg and I were both class of 2001 at Boston College. We never lived farther than 2 dorms away from each other and had many friends in common, including my direct roommate. Summer of 2000, we both went to the same local bar roughly three to four nights a week. After graduation, we both tended bar in Boston [...]” Read more…

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sara and matt success couple

Match Success Couple: Sara and Matt

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