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Noah MatchMade Finalist

#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Noah

Today we’re highlighting the second of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists –Noah! Noah and his MatchMade family live in John’s Creek, Georgia, a quaint suburb of Atlanta, where Noah attends Johns Creek High School as a freshman.

Noah’s video charmingly showed us how Jim, Marci, Noah and his baby sister Lindsay came together as a family through Match, and gives people a glimpse into a tale we at Match so often hear — a single mom ultimately finding love with a man who initially said he didn’t want children on his Match profile!


Rachael Abilene Kansas MatchMade Scholarship Finalist

#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: Meet Rachael

Today we’re highlighting our first of five #MatchMade Scholarship Contest finalists – Rachael! Hailing from Abilene, Kansas, Rachael attends Abilene High School (go Cowboys!) and hopes to one day become a journalist and enjoy studying abroad in college.

Rachael was chosen as a #MatchMade contest finalist because of her video entry’s heartwarming nature, and her ability to bring us into her family’s MatchMade world. Her video uniquely told the story of how Match helped to bring her parents together—Rachael’s single mom and a charming soldier overseas—and how love and family know no distance.


MatchMade finalists

#MatchMade Scholarship Contest: The 5 Finalists Announced!

We’re excited to announce the five finalists in our first-ever MatchMade Scholarship Contest, a video contest open to kids of parents who met on Match. The five finalists, ranging from 14-20 in age, will be vying for the $50,000 grand prize, with voting open to the public beginning today! Read more…


Match Success Couple: Spencer and Kristin

“That’s when he sent me his first email. I almost ignored it as I was getting wary. But something told me to try it ONE LAST TIME.”

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Match Success Couple: Tom and Mandy

I knew exactly who I was looking for, and after dating several women I found her.

You see, I was married for 23 years to my high school sweetheart, and I was so young and immature I thought I could change her into who I wanted. It took several years to realize I can’t and shouldn’t change her. Read more…

Anne & David success story

Match Success Couple: Anne and David

I had been on and off Match for about five years, David had been looking even longer than that. I had recently rejoined with a revamped profile and new pictures.

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Match Success Couple: Jen & Andrew

Well…thank you, Match.  Thank you for providing me with the tools to meet my soulmate safely, confidently, and without the awkward tension.

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Match Success Couple: Cyndi and Jay

After 10 years of marriage, I never thought I’d find someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I was resigned to just be a single mom and live a life full of my children and pets.  My mother moved in to my house and we planned to be “Dorothy and Sophia” from the Golden Girls.  Read more…

brittany and Jimmy match success couple

Match Success Couple: Brittany & Jimmy

Jimmy and I met on Match right before both of us were going to cancel our membership. We had each been on a few dates with people that hadn’t turned out very well, and we were about to cut our losses. Then Jimmy saw my Date Spark idea on his page one day. Go Kart racing, arcade games, and bad pizza. Read more…

Kara & Brandon success story

Match Success Couple: Kara and Brandon

In honor of this weekend’s Fourth of July holiday, we wanted to highlight not one, but TWO All-American couples with plenty to celebrate themselves. Thank you for your service, Brandon & Rob, and Happy Independence Day to all!

Brandon and I first connected on in April of 2009. I had received numerous emails from other guys, but I was not interested in them. When Brandon emailed me, I knew right away he was the one for me. He only left out one minor detail when we started emailing each other, and that was he was in Iraq. Read more…