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Additional Key Findings from SIA 3

Additional key findings from’s 2012 Singles in America study below.

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Singles in America 3: Teaser- Friends with Benefits


Have you ever had a FWB turn into a long-term relationship? Tell us in the comments below!


Singles in America 3: Teaser- Men vs. Women on Sex Lives


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Singles in America 3: Predictions of how singles (and married people!) responded

Singles in America,’s third annual comprehensive study on singles, takes an in-depth look at singles’ views and lifestyles in 2013, and for the first time we also studied a representative sample of married people in America! Read more…

Myths About Men and Sex Busted From The Singles in America Study

By Dr. Laura Berman,  Sex and Relationship Therapist

The results of the second annual Singles in America study have much to tell us about the current landscape of love and the attitudes of single men and women. As our society changes and evolves, so do the rules of dating and our expectations of happily ever after. Read more…

Money Can't Buy Love: Singles on the Economy by Dr. Helen Fisher

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

“I don’t like money actually. But it quiets my nerves,” said heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis. We all like money, for many reasons. But singles today aren’t waiting for a fat wallet to win romance. Read more…

Singles are Misunderstood by Dr. Justin R. Garcia

By Dr. Justin R. Garcia

One of my closest friends recently went back on the dating market. In his last relationship, he had been involved with someone for about one year, and then found out his partner was having an affair. She had committed infidelity. Read more…

Senior blues? Think Again!'s Singles in America Findings on Boomers

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

Finally, some good news about getting older!’s second annual Singles in America study, a large-scale investigation of single men and women ages 21 to 65+, busts some engrained myths about aging.  Read more…

Deal Breakers of Singles in America by Dr. Justin R. Garcia

By Dr. Justin R. Garcia

I was recently watching (and laughing to) past episodes of the TV show 30 Rock. In one of the story lines, Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) causes quite a stir with her “Deal-breaker!” catch phrase. It made me wonder: when today’s singles are considering getting into a committed romantic relationship with someone, what sorts of things really would be total deal-breakers? Read more…

Infographic: Singles in America Politics and Sex by

Singles in America,’s second annual comprehensive study on singles, dives deep into how single men and women are living and thinking in 2012. We honed in on our vast data to uncover the interesting correlations between how singles vote in the polls and how they behave in the bedroom. Over 5,000 singles participated in the survey of all different political affiliations, and with questions ranging from ‘How many times have you had sex in the last 12 months?’ to ‘What are the biggest turn ons/turn offs in a relationship?’ the answers are sure to show a new side to all parties! See our infographic below for more on Singles in America- the political details.

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