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One Conversation Can Change Everything: The Case For SpeedStir

Most of us can remember a relationship (romantic or otherwise) that was the result of a great conversation. Some were long and winding, others just a few minutes; the exchange of one story, joke or tidbit that said “We are going to be friends.” Read more…

Members Who Join The Site

Who’s Joining Match in 2015?

Bowlers, teachers and single parents are just a few of the many groups that have increased in registrations year over year.

Dating in DC

Dating in DC: What’s Your Excuse?

It’s no coincidence that Three Day Rule, Match’s exclusive matchmaking partner, recently launched in Washington DC this month. As Three Day Rule’s DC matchmakers, we are excited to bring our services to a city brimming with talented, ambitious, and attractive singles. Our high-touch, personalized services are the perfect complement to your Match profile.  In our line of work, we speak to singles every day about their search for love, and have heard many reasons why people believe they haven’t yet found the one. Here are some of the most common “excuses” we’ve heard about dating in DC and how to actually overcome them. Read more…

Devin and Michelle Coffee Couple

Match Coffee Couple: Devin and Michelle

In 2014, 3.1 million new Match users listed “coffee & conversation” as an interest on their profile. It’s no surprise that coffee and first dates go hand in hand, so we’ve teamed up with Starbucks to create new, interactive ways for our members to meet and share their love for the almighty bean.

Hundreds of Match success couples have told us they met at Starbucks for their first date, here’s one of our favorites … Read more…

20 Years Later

Trending Topics January 16, 2015

Each week, we are breaking down the latest stories in love, relationships and pop culture. Use them as ice breakers on your date this weekend, or as a cautionary tale in dating. Either way, we want to hear your opinions in the comment section! Read more…

"Welcome To Match" Stir Events

“Welcome To Match” Happy Hours

A lot of new people just joined Match. We think you should meet each other.

It’s no surprise that the onset of the year is a busy time for Match. One of the best parts about the Match experience is that it’s both online and offline. Our event service, STIR, plans events across the country (ranging from Happy Hours to Zip Lining , Cooking Classes and much more) where members can not only meet, but try out some of the most interesting things their city has to offer. STIR Happy Hours are a great way to get things started. Read more…

Male Average Age

The Average Age for Men Joining Match

Ladies, did you guess correctly? There are a ton of new guys on the site right now, get out there and chat them up!

Match Success Couple Kacy and David

Match Success Couple: Kacy and David

On a seemingly regular spring day in April 2013, my cell phone buzzed across the table, indicating I had one new email message. Little did I know, that message from a complete stranger would change my life forever. I stared at the message, intrigued and intently researching the new face that peered back at me, soaking in the words he had penned to me.

David, a stranger to me at the time but also my future husband, had found me via and was equally intrigued at who I might be and how we might connect. He was handsome, smart, and a man in uniform. I knew I would respond quickly and that I wanted to get to know the person on the other side of the computer screen. At the time, David was a world away serving a tour in Afghanistan, but we quickly became connected and began to trade emails and messages each day. The emails turned into phone calls and the phone calls turned into Skype dates. Before I would ever meet him in person, and contrary to any of my personal plans, I fell in love with a man on the other side of the world.

When David returned home in July of that year, we had plans to meet on his first weekend home. However, we hadn’t even waited 48 hours before I raced to Fort Stewart to truly meet him for the first time. I can still remember what I wore like it was just yesterday and the smile that was on his face when I turned into his drive is etched into my memory forever. Following through with meeting him in person was something that I had talked myself in and out of and back in over and over, but in the end, something inside of me just knew that this man was going to be my husband someday and that running away from him would be the biggest mistake I could ever make.

Our journey to “I do” was not perfectly smooth, but the story is ours and that makes it perfect. David’s return from Afghanistan was not without some emotional baggage and it took a while before we were actually “dating.” We took a 4-day road trip together in November 2013 and learned a lot about each other that weekend.

While I had divinely known from the very beginning that I was going to marry this man, it was at the end of that trip that David somewhat formally asked me to be his girlfriend and a new chapter in our story began. The very next week, David took me as his date to his Army unit’s Divisional Homecoming Military Ball and I felt like it was a public debut of our official relationship. I will never forget how perfect everything about us felt that night and I definitely counted that feeling as yet another confirmation that we were truly meant to be.

A massive step in our relationship came in February 2014 when I decided that it was finally time for David to meet my 5-year-old daughter, Maysn. Introducing new people to Maysn is not something that I do often or take lightly, and introducing her to David was no exception. It was somewhat unspoken between the two of us, but we both realized that meeting Maysn would be practically equal to committing to a future marriage. It was mutually evident to both of us that the time was finally right on a weekend in early February. David wanted to make the date all about Maysn, and she wanted nothing more than a date to Chuck E. Cheese – a big trip to Savannah for the small town girl!

David was perfectly wonderful to both of us that night. He and my perpetually shy Maysn instantly connected on the playground adjacent to his neighborhood before we even made it to Chuck E. Cheese, and it has been a connection which has only grown stronger ever since that moment. The evening ended with Maysn begging to stay and play more at “Dabid’s” house. David sent her home with a bouquet of roses and a loving, gentlemanly kiss goodnight, with the promise of many more playdates to come, a promise I knew would be kept until death should do us part. That’s how two became three, and three would become a family.

Today we have been married for 6 months going on forever. Our adjustments have been many, but our commitment to each other and to our family of three is unwavering. David’s Army schedule is demanding and frequently unpredictable. Maysn is vibrant, precocious, and energetic (read: sometimes exhausting!) but nothing short of gifted and rewarding every single day. We have dealt with adversity in our young marriage, having said goodbye to a dog, some guinea pigs, destroyed a patch of carpet, rushed to the
emergency room, and dealt with car and appliance failures. We have also experienced euphoria beyond description and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Read more Match love stories like Kacy and David’s on our success site!

Trending Topics January 9, 2015


Each week, we are breaking down the latest stories in love, relationships and pop culture. Use them as ice breakers on your date this weekend, or as a cautionary tale in dating. Either way, we want to hear your opinions in the comment section! Read more…

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