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Match Success Couple: Amberlyn and Troy

Match Success Couple: Amberlyn and Troy

I have grown up always believing in the fairy tale; hoping to have a good story of my own one day that rivaled those in Disney movies. My story starts in my living room as a single 25 year old watching network television on a Sunday. I had grown tired of the weekend routine of going to the bars only to find the “right” guy in all the wrong places (I should have known- Cinderella’s love story didn’t start with “I’ll have a beer, please.”). Read more…

Trending Topics February 20, 2015

Trending Topics February 20, 2015

Awards season is in full bloom, and with that, we’re finally approaching the main event: the most prestigious (and most fabulous!) awards show of the year, the 87th Annual Academy Awards. The long dresses, the diamonds, the slicked-back hair and most importantly, the “who’s who” of Hollywood all gathered into one room to celebrate the year’s most extraordinary films. The red carpet will definitely see its fair share of Hollywood couple royalty, but what about the love stories and romances within the films themselves? In #FlashbackFriday fashion, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite movie couples from past decades of Oscar-winning films. Read more…

Match Stir Events

Just to the right of the messages tab…

You know the drill: you view your daily matches, check your messages, see who is available to chat and you might even revisit your favorites list and send a few emails. There are so many interesting and fun features to help you customize and navigate your Match search.  But we don’t want you to forget about one of the features that is another ticket to meeting the influx of people who join Match all the time. Read more…

Singles in America: Checking Your Phone

Singles In America: Checking Your Phone

Match Success Couple: Kristy and Chris

Match Success Couple: Kristy and Chris

At last the search is over… we finally meet our match, literally! Chris and I met on For me, I had tried the site many times over the years. For Chris, it was his first! Thank goodness I decided to give it one more try because in the week I had my profile up Chris emailed me! And as they say, the rest is history.  Read more…

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending everyone all of our love today!



Match Success Couple: Alana and Michael

A Valentine’s Day Story: Alana and Michael

Michael and I met via and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit to my life. Our first date, by mistake, was on Valentine’s Day of 2012 (he still thinks I set him up on purpose to meet this day because I needed a V-day date…so not the case). We met in my home city of Huntington Beach on Main Street which is a well-known and very busy street. Once I had parked and walked in to meet Michael, the entire city had a blackout. I had to try and find him in the dark–exciting but scary. We sat for 2 hours under candle light getting to know each other waiting for the lights to come on. A year later I relocated to Sacramento as he had moved back earlier that year for work–and today I am ENGAGED to marry my soul mate.

UPDATE: In June 2014, the man of my dreams married me in a beautiful rustic/vintage barn setting with 170 guests to witness. It was also on that day that we “officially” announced to friends and family who didn’t already know, that we were a couple made from A few of the adults were shocked that we met online, but most of the crowd just fell in love with the thought that it really CAN happen. We had so many people coming up to us telling us about their personal stories, or confirming they were going to give it a shot as our story had been so inspiring.

Fast forward to 2015 and The Klingman’s (that’s Michael and I) are happy to announce we are 4 months away from having our first child – a sweet baby girl. My life is beyond perfect and more than I could have ever asked for. Michael and I often talk about where we would be today had our paths not crossed with him relocating temporarily to Orange County, and both of us jumping on It’s a true love story and I thank God every day for bringing so much happiness into our lives. We are lucky and we know it.

Read more Match love stories like Alana and Michael’s on our success site!

Matthew Hussey Live

Stir Event: Unlock the Secrets to Understanding Men in Just One Day with Matthew Hussey

Here at Match we’re all about helping you not just find the relationship you want, but also navigating the terrain on your way there.

There are many points of view in the dating world and one of the most compelling, energetic and insightful voices out there belongs to Matthew Hussey.

So we’re thrilled to team up with him for a live event focused on showing women the secrets of the male mind and the fundamentals of dating for a proven, revolutionary approach to help them find lasting love.  In just one exciting day together, he’ll give you his step-by-step secrets to attractingkeeping, and understanding men.

If you feel like you keep meeting men who are not right for you…

If you find men confusing…

If you’re not sure how to take your current relationship to the next level…

Or if you feel like things could be different if you understood men more…

Then get ready to see how your love life could be transformed in just one magical day with Matthew Hussey. This experience brings his best-selling book and proven tactics to life. Watch the video below to grab a glimpse of this special offering.

Click here to watch the video

Interested? Read on:

This is a rare opportunity for you to quickly learn Matthew’s most powerful techniques for attracting, keeping and understanding your Mr. Right. The best part is that you’ll walk away with your step-by-step action plan that you can start using right away.

Matthew’s approach teaches women a new way to attract, understand and keep men, all without playing games or memorizing outdated rules. Here are just some of the must-know secrets Matthew is going to reveal:

  • A three-step approach to meeting men with ZERO chance of rejection
  • Simple but powerful attraction methods that really work
  • Ways to stop men from suddenly pulling away
  • Ways to keep men interested in you long-term

Matthew is a best-selling author and TV personality who has helped over 100,000 women via his live events and his online coaching service has assisted more than 19 million women worldwide.

Now, it’s your turn.

Matthew is kicking off a limited-engagement live tour in the U.S. and Canada, and you’re invited. He’s even giving Match members special discounted rates. Chicago and Toronto are already SOLD OUT to the general public and tickets are now only being offered through Match – so ACT FAST!

Book your tickets now for:

Chicago, IL: Feb 28, 12-6pm

Toronto, ON: Mar 7, 12-6pm

Los Angeles, CA: Mar 28, 12-6pm

New York City, NY: Apr 19, 12-6pm

For a taste of Matthew’s practical advice style, he’s created a guide to ‘9 Texts that No Man Can Resist’ for all Match members to download.

Find out the latest Stir events happening in your neighborhood by signing onto your account today. New events for all age groups and cities all over the country are added frequently, so head to the “Events” tab onsite to see where singles are mingling near you in 2015!

Singles In America: Love at First Sight

Singles In America: Love At First Sight

So Emojional… Why U.S. Singles Use Emojis

So Emojional… Why U.S. Singles Use Emojis

Written by Dr. Justin R. Garcia

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought of emoticons and emojis, I would have said they are fun and entertaining, but I probably wouldn’t have thought they could help our understanding of human behavior. But as more and more people of varying ages in my own social networks – family, friends, colleagues, dates – use emoticons and emojis, and as I finally learned when to employ the dancing ladies and monkey face, I’ve come to appreciate them as something more than funny little characters. And I’ve joined the growing number of behavioral scientists who believe that emoticons and emojis are part of a new form of nonverbal communication in an age of rapid mobile interaction that can help us understand human affect – the tendency and desire to have emotional expression and engagement with others.

In this year’s annual Singles in America study done with Match, we surveyed a nationally representative sample of over 5,600 U.S. singles aged 18 to 70+ years. We asked a host of questions about emoticon and emoji use among single men and women. Our findings confirm that these characters have infiltrated language in the U.S. and have become an important part of the way people express themselves — and even flirt.

When we asked U.S. singles why they use emojis, the top three reasons were:

PERSONALITY: They give my text messages more personality (49% men, 53% women)

EMOTION: It’s easier for me to express my feelings (37% men, 36% women)

CONVENIENCE: It’s faster and easier than writing a full message (21% men, 18% women)

Today, vast numbers of Americans are using emoticons and emojis to express their personalities, inner thoughts and feelings. But be warned: While 40% of singles use emoticons and emojis regularly, nearly 75% agree that using between 1-3 of them in a conversation with a potential date is appropriate… more than that and you might just text yourself out of the dating market.

We also asked which emojis singles regularly use to flirt with a date in order to better understand their role in people’s romantic lives.  The top three were:

Winky face (53% of singles)

Smiley face (38% of singles)

Kissy face (27% of singles)

And if you still doubt that emoticon and emoji users are emotionally expressive, you might be interested to know that 62% of regular emoji users who are single want to get married, compared to only 30% of non-emoji users. Moreover, single emoji users are more likely to want to find a romantic partner who is comfortable with communicating his or her wants and needs.

Emoji users are also much more likely to be actively dating, with some 52% of emoji-using singles having gone on at least one first date in 2014 (compared to 27% of singles who never use them). And emoji users were also more likely to have had sex, with 54% of emoji-using singles and 31% of non-emoji using singles reporting sexual activity in 2014. Further, when restricting ages to those in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, regular emoji users were much more likely than non-emoji users to report having sex at least once per month last year (45% of men and 40% of women vs. 26% of men and 20% of women, respectively).

Being emojional appears to be associated with a suite of dating-related activities not otherwise accounted for by gender or age alone. It appears that single emoji users are exercising modern technology to communicate and express emotions — and are, in fact, more socially engaged.  Those fun and entertaining characters are changing what we know about intimate communication, flirting, and how the evolved human brain makes use of the world around it.

To see more of our findings from this year’s annual Singles in America research study, check out

Dr. Justin R. Garcia is Assistant Professor of Gender Studies and Director of Education and Research Training at The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. His research focuses on the evolutionary bases of human romantic and sexual behaviors, and the role of close relationships in health. He is co-author of Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior (Harvard University Press, 2013). Dr. Garcia is also Scientific Advisor to and one of the principal investigators for Singles in America.