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Match Success Couple: Stephanie and Timothy

Match Success Couple: Stephanie and Timothy

Stephanie was about to sign off of after many unsuccessful dates. Prior to discontinuing her account, Stephanie received one more email from Tim explaining how much respect he had for her profession, working with special need students. Tim had an adorable picture with his dog Carl, also couldn’t live without Starbucks and his computer, like Stephanie, and the phone calls just continued. Their first date was at a brewery in New Brunswick, where it was an instant connection. Read more…

#MatchMadness: Dating Tips Explained By Basketball

You didn’t ask, but we answered. Introducing #MatchMadness: dating tips explained by basketball.

#Match Madness: Tip#1
#MatchMadness: Tip #2

#MatchMadness: Tip #3#MatchMadness: Tip #4#MatchMadness: Tip #5
#MatchMadness: Tip #6

#MatchMadness: Tip #7
#MatchMadness: Tip #8

#MatchMadness: Tip #9

#MatchMadness: Tip #10
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Making the Most of Events Today

This Monday 3/23 Dial-In Webinar: Making the Most of Events Today

You walk into a bar, someone catches your eye and you start a conversation. You know this person has a lot to say and share but somehow it’s hard to get beyond the pleasantries. Not soon after, you talk to another person. This time, while the conversation flows pretty easily, you’re not feeling a connection and you’re not quite sure how to segue out of it.  The next conversation is great. You’re laughing, sharing commonalities and, well, it just feels easy. However in this case, you’re not quite sure how to transition to a follow-up date. Read more…

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lucky in Love

A little summary of everyone who got lucky in love on Match. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Match Success Couple: Allison and Stephen

Match Success Couple: Allison and Stephen

The stars were definitely aligned the night Steve and I started talking on, and even though we had probably driven or even walked past one another many times beforehand, we never would have met if it wasn’t for this wonderful site.

I was only on the site for a 3-day trial to see what it was all about (were there even people my age on here?!) and Steve luckily did a search and found me on the second night of my 3-day trial. We were a 100% match (which was impressive since we both extensively filled out our profiles) but what got my attention was that he took the time to read my profile where I may or may not have explained that I was a bit of a science nerd ;) . Within just a couple of exchanges we were writing paragraphs to one another, having to number our points so we could keep track! Soon we exchanged numbers, talked on the phone all night like teenagers, and decided to have our first date on New Year’s Day.

In just 12 days Steve and I met on match, went on our first and then second date and told each other that we loved one another. We were that couple that “just knew” that we found IT… the real thing. Although our feelings were serious, he allowed me the freedom to not have to be so serious or so perfect, even from the beginning. Read more…

The "M" Word

The “M” Word

Today more than ever, it seems as though we’re seeing blurred lines everywhere when it comes to dating and relationships. What constitutes a date these days? Is a Skype chat the same as meeting in person? Are you dating or in a relationship? With celebs like Angelina and Brad Pitt waiting a decade (while raising 6 kids) to tie the knot, many question the role of marriage in today’s society. Is it still the constant? According to our recent Singles in America study, singles say, YES:

  • Lifelong partner: 89% of singles believe you can stay married to the same person forever
  • Cut the red tape: 56% of singles believe that laws should make it EASIER to get married
  • Forever means forever: 52% of singles DON’T agree that ‘till death do us part’ is a thing of the past
  • No expiration date: 64% of singles DON’T agree that marriage licenses should have an expiration date with the option to renew

Prince Charming is searching far and wide for his match…

In honor of the new live-action Cinderella movie, in theaters this Friday, we dug up the handsome prince’s Match profile to give a little insight into what he’s really looking for in his quest for love! Check out Charming’s profile below:

Prince Charming's Match Profile


Should You Ask Him Out?

Power To The Ladies

Match Success Couple: Ruth and Jason

Match Success Couple: Ruth and Jason

We are happily married and about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! I had given up on finding my match but decided to go out on a date with “a friend”. With no makeup on, I adventured out to meet someone that did not necessarily look attractive at all on his pictures but seemed like a very cultured and fun person. We met at Barnes and Noble in downtown Fort Worth. I came through one door and he walked through another and we met in the middle of the store. Both on our cellphones, we were talking, trying to find each other. We finally met and he gave me a hug and stepped on my toes! The rest is history. We were married on 7/7/2007 at 7pm. Read more…

Online vs. Offline Daters

Online vs. Offline Daters…What You Didn’t Know

It’s probably no surprise that 31% of singles met their last first date through an online dating site. What you probably don’t know is that the lifestyles and dating habits of online daters vary dramatically from those of offline daters. Online daters go on more dates, are more likely to be actively seeking a committed relationship, are more interested in marriage, are more open to a long-distance relationship, and have more sex. Check out these other crazy comparisons from our recent 2014 Singles in America study… Read more…