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5 Reasons You Should Say “Yes” to a First Meet

Online dating can create this sort of comfort zone that can be hard to break out of. You’re putting yourself out there and wanting to meet new people, but when it actually comes time to decide on meeting face-to-face first, feet can get cold very fast. Here’s % reasons why you shouldn’t let yours freeze up:

1. You don’t want to be caught in an endless circle of messaging.

Yes, the point of online dating is to match with people and start the process of getting to know them via messages and emails (and, if you’re advanced, with phone calls!). However, if you never make a plan to meet them in person or let your nerves get the best of you by avoiding the subject all together, you’ll never get past the messaging-only phase and that’s no fun for anyone.

2. Sometimes, people aren’t as good with writing as they are in person.

In this day and age, we rely too heavily on how someone comes across via text. Why?! Just because someone can write a solid email or message doesn’t mean they’re going to be solid in real life. In fact, it could unfortunately turn out that they’re so good over text because they’re not so good in person. Of course, the best combination is when they’re both great over text and in person, but you’ll never be able to know that until you meet them.

3. Real dates are a rarity nowadays.

Let’s be honest: it seems that people have forgotten how to actually date. That is, ask someone out. Plan it. Make reservations. Actually follow-through on the date. It all seems simple, but we’ve made it complicated and sometimes hard to obtain. Therefore, if someone has their wits about them and suggests you meet after you’ve been messaging for an amount of time you feel comfortable with, you should respect their traditional nature and go for it! Take it as a compliment that they don’t want to end up like those who are stuck in the aforementioned endless cycle of messaging. Read more…

Danielle & Daniel

Danielle & Daniel: One “Like” and the Rest was History

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Before You Post That Old Photo…

The majority of people hate getting their picture taken. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. It’s hard to know how to pose or “look natural.” You still haven’t found your best angle after countless attempts and photo sessions. The list goes on!
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5 Things We Love About First Dates

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Christy & Matt

Christy & Matt: They Kept An Open Mind

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One Profile Tip You Can Use Right Now

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Kim & Evan

Kim & Evan: It Was All About Timing

Summer camp crushes are some of the strongest kind of crushes. You’re young, everything feels more intense, and the time constraints make everything seem more real. This couldn’t be more true for Kim and Evan. Read more…


Wendy & Mike: They Were Skeptical

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10 Unique Summer Date Ideas

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