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Match Success Couple: Kara & Shane

We started talking on January 4th, 2015. Read more…

Gratitude Makes You Magnetic and Happy

Gratitude Makes You Magnetic and Happy

By: Bela Gandhi

During Thanksgiving, we give thanks around the table and talk about what we’re grateful for.  But why only during Thanksgiving? Gratitude has been repeatedly proven to be one of the keys to happiness.  Being happier makes us more magnetic everywhere we are, including on dates!  Here are five ways to be and stay grateful (and magnetic): Read more…


Match Success Couple: Tracie & Steve

I decided to try Match after seeing how happy my friend was with the man she met on the site.  Read more…


Do Winks and Favorites Really Work?

By: Dave Singleton Read more…

Dalawna & Ellis

Match Success Couple: Dalawna & Ellis

Ellis proposed to Dalawna under the beautiful Eiffel Tower, the most iconic landmark in Paris. Today we remember those who lost their lives last Friday #PrayForParis Read more…

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Online Dating: 10 Years Ago Vs. Today

By: Laura Schaefer Read more…

Sadie Hawkins Day

Get ready ladies…it’s Sadie Hawkins Day!

Ah, Sadie Hawkins Day, the day where we throw out the aged tradition of the guy asking the girl to out and we say to women everywhere…GO FOR IT! Sadie Hawkins dances have been filling high school gyms across the country for decades, but the thought behind the iconic holiday is one we’re pretty thrilled about. Read more…

Are you an Exaholic?

Have You Dated An Exaholic?

Did this happen to you?

You finally met a person you were excited about. You went on dates and talked about everything. You connected, spent days together (maybe even a weekend).  You felt excited and hopeful.

Eventually your date got busy with work or couldn’t go out because of a friend in town, again. You felt increasingly uneasy. Then you got one last “You’re a great person but it’s not the right time” text and your date disappeared forever.

What happened? If you’re like most of us, your first instinct is to blame yourself: Obsessing over whether you should’ve had a third glass of wine, taken a fashion risk or made the sarcastic comment that turned your date off.

But it may have had nothing to do with you at all if you were dating an exaholic. Read more…


Match Success Story: Amy & Justin

You might have seen the adorable love story of Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders on the TODAY Show this weekend. Read more…

Sarah & Robert

Match Success Couple: Sarah Kathryn & Robert

It’s a bit humbling that, despite being the hands-on owner of a successful national offline dating service, at age 37, I still hadn’t managed to find a Mr. Right to put my own hands on. (Eight at Eight and One on One Matchmaking) How could that be possible? Not only have I played an instrumental part in thousands of loving relationships – and over 300 marriages – but, since junior high, I’ve been fascinated by the art and science of dating. Read more…