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7 Steps to Loose Summer Waves

7 Steps to Loose Summer Waves, by Wella Professionals

By Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist, Andy Lecompte

Summer  is here and there is no better time to achieve loose, easy waves perfect for a sunset beach date or fun night out with the girls! Here is how to achieve the on-trend style for your next date using Wella Professionals :  Read more…

Do typos in your dating profile spell disaster?

Do typos in your dating profile spell disaster?

By Diane Mapes

As a writer, a reader and a bookworm, I’ve always pictured myself with a fellow word nerd. But after receiving an online missive from a charming, funny and hopelessly dyslexic bachelor, I wondered: Do poor spelling, punctuation and grammar always spell disaster for romance? Or can language lovers and language flubbers find common ground?  Read more…

Love and Equality: A Success Story

Love and Equality: A Success Story

It seemed like everyone had an opinion about our future, but we always knew that we belonged together.

Every so often we’d make plans, but something always got in the way.

However, over the last year or so we started getting closer. This time it felt different. It felt right. It felt like things were finally coming together.

Then one morning in June, we could tell that magic was in the air. We decided to make it official — and finally say “I do”, just like every loving couple deserves to.

We’re so happy that our dreams, and the dreams of millions, will finally become a reality.

Love was all I ever needed, and today, I’m so proud to say that #LoveWins.



Be Topic and Story Ready

Be Topic and Story Ready

Whether you’re at a bar, event or practically any social occasion, there’s the chance to chat it up with someone new. In the past, we’ve talked about how a great question can spark a conversation. But so can a great answer! You might show up armed with things you’d like to ask somebody else, but don’t forget to take the time to think about interesting news, exciting developments and recent accomplishments in your own life that you want to share with someone new and work backwards from there. What we’re saying is, there’s no shame in setting yourself up to share your stories and delight in someone else’s, too. Read more…

Match Success Story: Matt and Randall

Match Success Story: Matt and Randall

I am from North Carolina, but had moved out to California for work. After finding myself single again after 6 years, I realized I was homesick for the east coast. I began a job search and was in the thick of interviewing when I decided I would try Match. I thought I had nothing to lose since I was moving anyway. I met Randy my first week on the site. I had seen him around the neighborhood, but we didn’t go to the same bars or hang out with anyone in common. Read more…

5 Dating Lessons From Dad

5 Dating Lessons From Dad

When it comes to advice, dads always seem to have a lot of it. When it comes to dads giving us dating advice, we typically run for the nearest exit door. In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve decided to bring you Dating Lessons from Dad: Helpful Tips From Our Favorite TV Dads. Enjoy!

Read more…

“No” Is A Magic Word!

“No” Is A Magic Word!

By: Laurie Gerber

Many years of coaching singles in “finding the one” have given me great insight into our most universal dating fears:

1. Hearing “no.”

2. Saying “no.” Read more…

Match Success Couple: Alicia and Viridiana

Match Success Story: Alicia and Viridiana

I was never a fan of the wink game. Finding time to meet other woman has always been difficult with my busy work schedule. I thought I would give Match a try again, but as I was browsing through profiles, nothing caught my eye. Read more…

5 profile cliches to avoid...

5 profile cliches to avoid…

By: Margot Carmichael Lester

If you’ve been dating online for more than a couple of days, you know there are some seriously hackneyed phrases that get bandied about by less-than-creative souls. The problem with these overused words is that they not only mask the real person behind them, they’re an immediate turnoff to readers. When you don’t put energy and creativity into your profile, it conveys that you may not put energy and creativity into your love life as a whole. In fact, some daters do as Judy Lederman of New Rochelle, NY, does: She won’t even respond to profiles with clichés. “Puh-leeze,” she exclaims. “They’re repulsive.”  Read more…

5 Things You Should Know About LGBT Singles

When it comes to LGBT singles and dating…

As we continue our celebration of Pride Month and the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, we’re taking a deeper look into the LGBT single population. Over the last 20 years, Match has played a role in creating over 750K LGBT relationships—but what about the singles themselves? Here are 5 things you might not have known about LGBT singles, courtesy of our Singles in America study: Read more…