About the Contributors

Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Adviser for Chemistry.com
Dr. Helen Fisher, whom Time magazine called “the queen mum of romance research,” is an internationally renowned biological anthropologist and the world’s most quoted expert on the science of human attraction. She studies the brain chemistry of romantic love, what she calls “the madness of the gods.” As Chief Scientific Adviser, she helped develop Chemistry.com, the sister site of Match.com. More than eight million people in 40 countries have taken Fisher’s personality test. She has authored five internationally best selling books, appeared on most major news outlets, including The Today Show, 20/20, The Colbert Report and Oprah, and lectured at the Smithsonian, TED, Harvard Medical School, the United Nations and many other podiums.Her recent book, Why Him? Why Her? discusses why we are naturally drawn to particular people, how to “read” your date, and how to achieve natural intimacy with him or her. When asked whether all her basic research has jeopardized her own feelings of romantic love, she replies, “You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate cake and still eat it and feel that joy. There will always be magic to love.”
Whitney Casey, Relationship Insider to Match.com
Having trouble picking that perfect profile picture? Don’t know what to say in that first ice-breaker email? Well, when it comes to all things dating and mating, Whitney’s got answers. InStyle Magazine calls her, “Instant Style,” and when it comes to advice the New York Daily News says, “She’s on to something!” Whitney’s background as an Emmy Award-winning journalist, former CNN Correspondent/Anchor, Newspaper Columnist, Author and Relationship Insider for Match.com has given her access to the world’s leading experts in all arenas of single life. Additionally, she has interviewed hundreds of single men and women across the country (not including the ones she actually dated!) Her book, The Man Plan (Penguin-Perigee), gives singles the inside scoop from first date fashions to great conversation starters. Although she is now blissfully engaged to be married; Whitney has been dating for nearly two decades since attending the University of Virginia where she was a legitimate volleyball player and Academic All-American.