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New Year, New You: Profile Tips by Relationship Expert Whitney Casey

new year new you online dating profile tips

By Whitney Casey, Relationship Expert

With the New Year knocking on the door, refreshing, renewing and revitalizing your life is on the top of everyone’s mind — so what better place to start than by revamping your online dating profile? 51% of singles say their New Year’s dating resolution is to socialize more and focus on finding that special someone. But how do you put yourself out there at your very best? And even more so, how do you attract the RIGHT kind of match? Follow these easy steps to pimp your online dating profile! Read more…

Whitney Casey Dishes on Single Parent Dating

Throw all your assumptions aside about dating as a mom or dad because Match is busting some major dating myths you might be holding on to! Did you know Single Parents who have dated online had over 2X the number of dates last year than Single Parents who haven’t dated online? (47% have had 1 or more first dates compared to 22% of single parents who haven’t online dated). But how can single parents enjoy dating even more and find the relationship they want? relationship expert Whitney Casey spills the secrets of online dating in a video interview with Successful Single Mom below:

Are you a single parent, or happen to be dating one? Tell us your experiences below!

Stir with Success: Tips for Acing a Stir Event by Whitney Casey

It’s been one year since we launched Stir, Events by, and to celebrate we are continuing our Stir series on the blog with tips on how to make the most of a Stir event by relationship expert, Whitney Casey. Whether you’ve attended an event before or are a first timer, use her pre- and during event guide to Stir you in the right direction! 


By Whitney Casey

Do Your Dating Due Diligence Read more…

Whitney Casey’s Guide to Acing the First Date

At any given moment you can find singles in coffee shops, on park benches, and at fancy restaurants meeting for their first date. But with all the changing rules in dating, who knows what’s appropriate pre-, during, and post-date these days?’s relationship expert Whitney Casey reveals the dos and don’ts to first dates in the modern world, based on data from the Singles in America Study.

Whitney Casey guide


First things first—where do you find a date? Try enlisting the troops! In other words, utilize the people and resources you have at your fingertips in order to find someone new to go out with. Read more…

Whitney Casey's Valentine's Day Date Guide

2013Valentine's_Day_Guide Whitney Casey Relationship Expert

So fresh in a relationship you’ve yet to meet the fam? Been in a relationship so long you complete each other’s sentences? Regardless of your BF/GF situation this Valentine’s Day, our relationship expert Whitney Casey has put together the perfect guide for what to do with your sweetheart on V-Day.

Check it out here!

Whitney Casey's Valentine's Day Date Guide

2013Valentine's_Day_Guide Whitney Casey Relationship Expert

Read more…

Holidating: 'Tis The Season to be Single? By Whitney Casey

“Holidating” is an ongoing blog series focusing on data from a recent survey on singles and the holiday season. Stay tuned for more posts examining the data in the upcoming week!

tis the season to be single

Unlike one of the most likable holiday movies, Love Actually, this season, singles are admitting that, it is NOT Love, Actually…it is more like the movie, The Breakup. Read more…

How to be a Productive Single This Year by Whitney Casey

Sure, you’ve made your resolution to get into shape and channel your inner Gisele/Matthew McConaughey, but did you make any resolutions this year to start dating on the right foot? Read more…

4 Ways to Survive a Not-So-Great Date by Whitney Casey

Let’s face it- no matter where or how you met, there’s always a chance that the first date with someone new could be a dud. Though it may sound defeating, the pros of putting yourself out there and dating vastly outweigh the cons. Read more…

Whitney Casey's Holiday Gift Guide for Her