Additional Key Findings from SIA 3

Additional key findings from’s 2012 Singles in America study below.

Does height, debt and virginity really matter? 71% of women are not likely to date someone shorter than them; 42% of singles would NOT date a virgin (33% of men & 51% of women); and 54% of singles would not date someone with considerable credit card debt (>$5K).

In the bedroom: singles put you first. 97% of singles say it’s more important to satisfy their partners sexually than themselves.

Nearly half of men want to meet your parents before they commit: 48% of men want to be introduced to their dates’ parents before they’re exclusive (versus 35% of women).Friends with (parental) benefits. 48% of single women would consider sex with a friend as an option for having children.

Older singles care just as much about sex as younger singles. When asked what would make them happier, 30% of singles 70+ and 25% of singles in their 60s answered “more sex” (as compared to 28% of singles in their 20s and 27% of singles in their 30s)

Women are happier with their sex lives than men, despite fewer orgasms. Single women are happier with their sex lives: 49% vs. 44% of single men. However, single women have fewer orgasms than men: only 20% of women said they orgasm 91-100% of the time (vs. 56% of men).

Women are 2x more likely to read (32%) than men (17%)

Men were twice as likely to say they fell in love the first time before age 10 (6% of men vs. 4% of women)

If you are a dating single, you can leave your smart phone at home, but you had better have nice teeth and speak properly.  Of 10 issues asked, teeth is the main qualifier for potential dates, especially to close to 75% of women, followed closely by one’s grammar.  Electronic devices and cars rank at the bottom.

Men judge women most on:

  • Teeth (58%)
  • Grammar (55%)
  • Hair (51%)

Women judge men most on:

  • Teeth (71%)
  • Grammar (69%)
  • Hair (53%)

Men judge women least on:

  • Electronics they carry (9%) *Last thing men look at
  • Car they drive (13%)
  • Shoes (18%)

Women judge men least on:

  • Electronics they carry (10%) *Last thing women look at
  • Accent (22%)
  • Car they drive (24%)

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