The Dog Days of Summer

We get dogs for so many reasons — to experience unconditional love, have a furry sidekick at all times, and just enjoy life more! Dogs can inspire us to get outside more, be more adventurous and, best yet, up our socializing game tenfold.

Dogs are nature’s best wingmen/wingwomen when it comes to meeting new people and starting a conversation. Whether you’re on a walk or at the park, a dog serves as the best excuse to approach or be approached by that cutie you’ve been eyeing.

“Is it a boy or girl?”

“What breed?”

“How old?”

“How long have you had her?”

“Do you live around here?”

See how quickly you can get to the getting-to-know you part of a conversation you may have never had otherwise? Because dogs require much more hands-on care than most pets, studies show that dog owners typically make someone a much more in-tune, accessible, better dater. Plus, you know how they say to get a dog before you have children? The connection between a dog and its owner can tell you so much about someone upfront that you may otherwise not find out until later.

We’ve even found that women on Match are much more attracted to men who have a dog (but that could also be because men are almost 4x more likely to use their pooch as a way to attract a potential date in the first place, which we don’t blame them). This makes sense if you’ve ever seen a dog-loving female react to a guy and his dog walking along the street. Exclamations like “Awww!,” “Oh my goodness what a cutie!,” and “Your dog is SO cute!” can be heard from miles away any time this occurs. Like we said — the ultimate icebreaker.

In celebration of the Dog Days premiere August 8th, we have partnered to put on some fun summer events! If you want to learn more about the events, click the links below.

San Diego

New York

Los Angeles

Change your profile photo to a picture with your pooch and share with the hashtag #DogCrush. Who knows — you could end up with a whole new leash on love.