Low-Pressure Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For most of us, just the thought of Valentine’s Day approaching can send off stress alarms. We get it – dates around Valentine’s Day aren’t easy to navigate, especially if you’ve only been seeing someone for a short time or you’re getting ready to go on the first date. Luckily, Topgolf is making date night easier with a $10 off coupon.

Not all Valentine’s Day dates have to be an overpriced dinner at a stuffy restaurant paired with 3-hour-long silence at a movie. In fact, one of the most effective ways to ensure success on a first date is to spend time doing something social and active. “The popularity of outdoor recreation, walking, jogging, biking and other outdoor activities, may stem from our long human heritage of living and loving out of doors, in nature,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor to Match. “The sights, sounds and smells of nature still stimulate all of our senses—which trigger powerful and often highly pleasurable activity in the brain.”

Stop dreading Valentine’s Day and try one of these unique, pressure-free date ideas.

Get your game on

Enjoying friendly competition in a relaxed, social atmosphere is a great way to enjoy your date’s company while getting to know them.

Our idea? Visit our friends at Topgolf, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks, sharable bites and more than enough friendly competition to go around. Topgolf is the perfect setting for flirty one-on-one time, or even a casual group date.

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Local buzz

Craft breweries are on the rise, which means there is probably a local one near you. Even if the brewery is small, you can take a tour to see how the craft is perfected, then enjoy a cold one while conversing with your date and the rest of the tour group. Want something a touch more elegant? Check out your local wine vineyards, where you can have a hands-on experience smashing grapes and sampling merlot.

Breweries and vineyards are great daytime activities that can extend to the early evening, which takes the pressure off of planning an entire night on the town.

Be a tourist in your own city

How often do you take advantage of the interesting exhibits or shows your city has to offer? Re-explore your city by visiting museums (most museums have free or discounted days during the week) the zoo, or the aquarium. Day dates like these keep conversation flowing and help you find common interests with your date, which takes away some of the pressure that a fancy evening outing might bring on.

Learn how to do something…together

Interactive cooking or arts classes will keep you and your date on your toes while you learn how to do or make something for the first time. Not only are these classes social and fun, you can bond with your date as you both make a pie crust or clay vase. These classes don’t require a full-day commitment, either, making it a stress-free Valentine’s Day outing.

Enjoy the fresh air

If the weather is nice, take advantage of the day and spend your date outside, even if you’re not doing much of anything. Let your dogs meet at the dog park, enjoy a picnic at the beach or lake, kick the soccer ball around at your local field, or feed the ducks at a pond. Simple, agenda-free activities allow for free conversation while opening the door to other date possibilities.

Show off your smarts

Trivia can be the king of fun conversation starters, and is a great social activity that can give you and your date a chance to connect. Make it a solo date with just the two of you, or you could each invite a group of friends so that everyone gets to know each other while working toward a common goal. Dating in a group takes away some of the stress of Valentine’s Day, leaving you with a fun evening spent in good company.

Score big at a sporting event

If both of you are fans of a particular team, a date night at the stadium can be full of pressure-free fun. Sporting events are perfect early-date destinations because they provide comradery and common conversation starters in a casual atmosphere. Grab your jersey and a no-fuss meal beforehand to enjoy your Valentine’s Day without the mess and stress.