Match Made: Carrie & Scott

“We joke that our first date lasted two years,” Carrie wrote us.

That’s because it was so good and continued to be so good every day afterwards. Carrie and Scott met for a drink, which turned into two, which turned into dinner, which turned into him tagging along to her friend’s house party that same night. Since, the two have been inseparable while still managing to raise their own families and juggle busy schedules.

“Things just progressed so naturally, in such a fun, positive way,” Carrie told us.

So, when Scott learned that Carrie had a thing with dates, he saw his opportunity. December 13, 2014 was coming up (12/13/14). To make the most of this amazing date, Scott suggested that for Carrie’s 40th birthday, the two fly to Miami and get married on that date at exactly 3:16pm. In military time, that’s 15:16, which would make their wedding date 12/13/14 at 15:16!

The adventurous pair did just that, and we couldn’t be happier for their thought out and extra special nuptials.

“Thank you for making this match!” Carrie wrote us. But we thank YOU Carrie and Scott, for serving as another amazing example that the real thing is out there!