Match Made: Miehisa & Alexander

They say when you know, you know and these two knew fast.

Being on a two-week leave from the Army, Miehisa didn’t have much time for dating. However, it was Christmas vacation and she felt in the spirit, so Miehisa signed up for Match anyway. Shortly thereafter, she met Alexander.

“He sent me a message with his telephone number, letting me know I could text him if I didn’t feel comfortable enough to call,” Miehisa told us. “I immediately took it as a challenge and called him right away!”

A few hours later, the two were meeting up for a movie. By Christmas eve (only a week later!), Alex was meeting Miehisa’s family. The following week, Alex took her to Myrtle Beach and proposed on New Year’s Day! A plane flew across the sky with a banner reading “Miehisa, I love you. Will you marry me?” as Miehisa screamed and cried tears of joy!

“I had never introduced a guy to my family before, so their thumbs up really sealed the deal,” she said.

The two were married the following September, and we hope are just as happy and hopelessly in love as ever!