Crush of the Month: Brianna

This blonde, So Cal native has personality, confidence, and something to say, which is why we chose Brianna for this month’s Crush of the Month!

The middle school history and PE teacher’s job and hobbies keep her busy all week-long. Currently, she’s most into cycling everywhere she can, paddle boarding, and learning to sail!

“I’m happiest when I’m outside in nature with good company,” Brianna told us. “I stay active and outside as much as possible outside of work so you can typically find me at the ocean or mountains.”

This active Cali girl is a self-described jokester who is happy in her own skin and always seeking to learn new things. Plus, she has a great perspective on dating.

“For everything else in my life that’s worked out, I’ve always had the right feeling,” she told us. “So I really believe in the phrase ‘when you know, you know.’”

Besides being completely obsessed with baked potatoes (LOADED, please!), Brianna has the travel bug bad. She’s already heading off to Australia this December, but Canada, Alaska, and even Mount Everest are on her bucket list! And as for why she got on Match?

“I’m looking to ultimately meet a partner for life,” the ex-gymnast said. “I’m content and happy with the life I’ve built, and when that right fit does come along, I’m ready for them to be a part of it!”

If you think you and this fun-loving, quick-witted adventurer would hit it off, reach out to Brianna today on Match.