DYK: The Hottest Airports for Holiday Love?

Singles across the US should get ready to catch all the feels at your local TSA.

Did you know 27 million people will be traveling this Thanksgiving? 🦃

Have you ever daydreamed about meeting your future mate while you’re traveling? Maybe they’ll be at the bar grabbing a drink while they wait on their delayed flight? Or maybe they’ll be sitting in the seat right next to you on the plane!? You just never know when a connection could happen.

Well we’ve done our research and it turns out that certain airports are more likely to yield a holiday love interest. Data from our Missed Connections feature, which uses location data to match you with fellow users you cross paths with in real life, showed us these top spots for meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Top Airports by Missed Connections

Rank Airport
1 Chicago O’Hare
2 Atlanta
3 Los Angeles
4 Denver
5 Dallas/Fort Worth
6 Phoenix
7 Newark
8 Orlando
9 San Francisco
10 Boston
11 New York LaGuardia
12 Houston Bush
13 Las Vegas
14 Seattle
15 Charlotte

While holiday travel can be a drag, it doesn’t have to be. Our new data suggests that holiday travel is actually a great place to search for your significant other. Wouldn’t drinking your delayed flight sorrows away at the bar be more fun with a companion? We think so.


Chicago O’Hare, Atlanta and Los Angeles top the list while Charlotte, Seattle and Las Vegas rank in the bottom three. Connecting in Chicago on your way from LA to the east coast? Scan your gate for a hottie and ask them to help you with your bags. Even if your travel plans don’t include one the highest ranking airports (there are other fun things to do in Vegas…) there is still a huge pool of single people to tap into while you’re waiting to board. Who knows what will happen!

If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other sexy singles. Bonus points if you’re bold enough to get a great date story to talk about at the dinner table with grandma.