Meet Our #MatchMoBro, Dave!

Our second Match Mo’ Bro is the charismatic, well-spoken adventurer: Dave.

When the Seattle resident isn’t exploring new peaks to hike or scouring the city for the best margarita the Pacific Northwest has to offer, you can probably find Dave at a live show.

“I adore rock music and typically go to a few live concerts every month,” he wrote us.

The caffeine-loving carnivore (“I apologize to all vegetarians/vegans, but nothing’s more delicious than a medium-rare slab of steak”) is prone to taking risks. In fact, he moved to Seattle without a job or home lined up and, two years later, is thriving!

As for health, Dave is a self-described active guy who doesn’t discriminate against any form of exercise.

Meet Dave on Match

“Whether I’m cursing my life during a CrossFit workout, running around the lake I live near, or contorting my body into unnatural positions at yoga, I stay active.”

When we asked the natural-born leader his thoughts on the Movember movement, he had a lot to say.

“Many men (myself included) become so immersed in their daily routines and careers that simple routine check-ups are overlooked,” he said. “This often leads to serious and completely preventable health diagnoses. I like that the Movember campaign increases awareness in a fun and often amusing way.”

Dave joined Match in an effort to increase his odds of finding the authentic, adventurous, and passionate partner he’s always dreamed of. We have a feeling that an interesting, funny, and Mo’-growing bro like yourself will have great luck, Dave!

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