Meet Our #MatchMoBros!

It’s November, which means a few things: it’s cold outside, the holidays are about to be full-steam ahead, and it’s Movember!

Movember: A History

For the last 14 years, mustache-growing has been the unofficial activity for the entire month of November and for good reason. Back in 2003, the Australian-born founders of the Movember movement realized how much conversation great moustaches generated. They wanted to capitalize on this conversation for a cause, so they started Movember — a fundraising, ‘stache-growing movement from which all money raised would be given to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The U.S. joined the Movember movement in 2007 and have been grooming their Movember Mos (Australian slang for “mustache”) in the name of creating male-health awareness.

How Match Celebrates Mo’ Bros

Match is all about finding your special someone, which we know can be trying at times. Relationships can be scary, exciting, frustrating, and rewarding all at once! However, just like Movember promotes men’s health, did you know that relationships do the same? In fact, 76% of men reported that they are much more prone to making healthier decisions for themselves because of a significant other. Therefore, we think Movember, mustache-growing, Match, and meaningful relationships could be the magic formula to healthy fulfillment!

Here at Match, we participate in the Movember movement across the globe in our domestic and international offices, but encourage any man (Match member or not!) to join in! You can register online at and be sure to ask around your office and community to join Movember teams. If you’re a lady who isn’t in the business of growing out facial hair, you can still participate by either donating to the cause or signing up to be a Mo’ Sista.

Meet Our #MatchMoBros

To celebrate both this fun and amazing cause and also showcase some hunky mo’-growing Match members, we’ve chosen three Movember participants straight from our site! Match will make a matching donation to each of our Mo Bros campaigns. So, be sure to contribute to your fave fella’s campaign, share the link with your friends, and may the best mustache win!

Check them out below:

Tristian is a United States Air Force Airman who loves his rescue pup, Nala, but is ready to bring another special lady into his life. Donate to Tristian’s Movember page HERE.

Tristian’s Match Profile

Dave’s thirst for adventure can’t be quenched. That’s why this Mo’ Bro is on the hunt for a lady who can keep up! Donate to Dave’s Movember page HERE.

Dave’s Match Profile

Eric is a focused and driven Mo’ Bro who is brand new to Chicago and looking for a local to show him the ropes. Donate to Eric’s Movember page HERE.

Eric’s Match Profile

Be sure to follow their journey on Match’s social channels to learn more about each of them, who they’re looking for, and why they support Movember. #MatchMoBros

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