Match Made: Angi & Brad

Dear Match,

Angi and I’s first date was on Halloween, so it seemed like the perfect time to write you our love story!Before Angi reached out to me on Match, I had decided I wasn’t really the guy looking for my forever love. I wanted something lasting, but wasn’t sure marriage was that something. I had this idea that true love meant being completed by someone, and it took meeting Angi to realize that’s not what it’s about. Real, true love is deciding to become one with someone. When I realized that our thoughts, feelings, and goals in regard to our faith were so aligned, I knew I had found my match.

Our first ever date was on Halloween. Angi and her friends were dressing as the Three Blind Mice, so I went as a mouse trap to compliment her costume. That was just the first instance in a long line of instances of Angi and I working together as a team.

Angi completely changed the game for me. She’s everything I had only dreamed of, come to life. She’s grounded, faithful, and the perfect woman for me. That’s why I’m marrying her this coming Saturday, November 4!

Thank you, Matchand God Bless!