Match Made: Rachael & Ryan

Dear Match,

“Those eyes are making me speechless.” That was the message I received from Ryan, and the message that started our relationship.

When I logged into Match that day in 2014 and saw Ryan’s note, I of course immediately looked at his profile and was excited with what I saw. Goal oriented, adventurous, and close to his friends and family, Ryan was already checking out!

A few emails later, we had planned our first date. From there, our courtship blossomed. We explored, experienced, and created a life together. Now, three years later, on New Year’s Eve 2016, Ryan proposed on a boat underneath a sky of fireworks in front of some of our closest friends. It was absolutely magical — champagne and tear-filled moment neither of us will ever forget!

We are so excited to be married this November and have Match to thank for putting us in each other’s paths! Thank you, Match!