Crush of the Month: Lisa

Meet our crush of the month and single mother of two: Lisa.

This independent physician instantly caught our eye. She is as ambitious as she is quick-witted, and we dig it!  When she’s not loving on her kids or taking care of her patients, Lisa may be found in front of the camera!

“Sometimes my job places me on stage or in front of a camera,” she told us. “I call this my ‘career B.’”

Although Lisa may appear conservative and traditional at first glance, the self-described risk taker loves an adventure.

“I would love to travel to Australia for my next trip, but it’ll probably be Newark, New Jersey,” Lisa said.

This Asian food-loving lady is quite accomplished, yet considers her biggest accomplishment her two children.

“They’re both my greatest accomplishments in the making!”

Quick on her feet with a wickedly dry sense of humor, Lisa’s guilty pleasures include Starbucks, reality TV, and Game of Thrones. She also hopes to one day become bilingual, run a marathon, and visit her parent’s birthplace.

And, when it comes to finding love, Lisa has her head in the right place.

“I know I’m into someone when it’s easy and not forced,” she told us. “I know it’s real when I’m not overthinking what to text or say to them. It just flows naturally.”

Lisa joined Match because “this is how to meet people,” and describes her ideal match as someone smart, funny and, of course, very family-oriented.

If you think you and this gorgeous doctor would hit it off, send Lisa a message or flirt today!