Match Made: Perla & Jason

Dear Match,

We love our love story because it involves TWO separate run-ins on your site!

We had a false start back in 2012. Jason and I were both on Match, had connected, and agreed to meet in person for a first date. However, it seems 2012 wasn’t our year because, after that first date, we went our separate ways.

Fast forward to 2013 when both Jason and I were back on Match and, again, our paths crossed! This time, my best friend convinced me to give it another shot. It’s true what they say that so much can change in a year. Our second first date was worlds different than our first, and we hit it off like we hadn’t a year earlier. From there, we started dating seriously, making tons of memories along the way!

For my birthday this past April, we had planned a big family dinner but Jason wanted to take me for drinks at a new bar in town first. On the way, he handed me a card and told me to open it once we got to the bar.

Excited about the contents of the card, I didn’t even notice when Jason drove straight past the venue and to a nearby park! Jason suggested we have a romantic moment on the park bench with me opening my card before we got to the bar. I opened it to discover it was full of scratch off lotto tickets. I started scratching the first one and won $20 and was so excited, I immediately started scratching the second. As I scratched off the last box, instead of a prize, it read “Will you marry me?”

It was the perfect proposal because Jason and I both feel we won the lottery by finding each other on Match, twice! Thank you, Match. We wouldn’t have given this a second chance if it hadn’t been for you!