Match Made: Rebecca & Corey

Dear Match,

As a divorced mom with three teenagers, dating had been more of a chore than something pleasurable. I guess I complained about it enough because and a coworker and trusted friend suggested I give Match a shot. I reluctantly agreed, only signing up for one month.

Well, wouldn’t you know it — my now husband was the fourth person I met and went out with from Match! Our first date was a casual meetup during his lunch break, and we hit it off immediately. The next several months were a whirlwind of dates and trips, including everything from hiking and karaoke to working out together and riding rollercoasters! As a widower and divorcee, we connected so fast over so much. It was perfect.

Corey is my everything: my rock, best friend, lover, doting husband and father. I’m in recovery, and he never once batted his eyelashes at it. He accepts me for who I am, and even took it upon himself to research how to support someone who is on the 12-step program.

My biggest piece of advice for Match users is to be precise about who and what you’re looking for. A woman who knows her worth and value is not afraid to be direct about deal breakers and must-haves!

Thank you, Match. We truly believe God brought us together through your website and are so grateful.