A Dating Expert’s Take on The Bachelorette Finale

Did you tune into last night’s season finale of The Bachelorette on ABC? If you braved the 3 hour long episode only to be disappointed with Rachel’s choice — you’re not alone! Peter seemed to be the crowd favorite, and was Eric really a contender? And then there’s Bryan, it seemed like he came out of nowhere to win the girl!

But, what does this all mean? How could so many of us have missed this connection between Bryan and Rachel?

We turned to dating expert Rhonda Richard-Smith to get her opinion on the finale.

Match: Rhonda, what tipped you off to Bryan and Rachel’s attraction? 

Rhonda: It was clear even from the beginning of their relationship that Rachel and Bryan had a magnetic physical attraction to one another. Body language can tell you a lot about a person’s level of interest. Lingering embraces, intentional physical contact and physical positioning, are all strong indicators of this.

Match: What did Bryan do right, that the other guys missed?

Rhonda: In the end, Rachel chose the person who expressed their love early on, and did so consistently. He also shared her desire to become engaged. A consensus on common relationship goals is critical for the success of any partnership.

Match: What barriers do you think Rachel and Bryan will face?

Rhonda: If Rachel and Bryan are able to bridge the gap between both of their families, I think their relationship will be successful. As we know, the adjustment from the honeymoon phase into real, everyday life can be a challenge that some couples can’t over come. If Rachel and Bryan have a healthy support system as a couple, I believe their love will last long-term. 🌹

Final Thought:

It’s difficult to judge other people’s relationships from the outside – doubly so when it’s on TV. We think it is magical when a couple makes a real, lasting connection, and we wish that for Rachel and Bryan.

Congratulations to Rachel and Bryan on finding their (hopefully) perfect match!

ABOUT RHONDA: Rhonda Richards-Smith, LCSW is a nationally recognized mental health and relationship expert for journalists, producers and screenwriters. As a wife, mother, licensed psychotherapist, writer and speaker, Rhonda understands the balancing act that many are faced with on a daily basis.