The TOP 5 Most Romantic Gestures

For most singles, August is the final hoorah to summer cocktails by the pool and late night eats on the patio, but did you know it’s also Romance Awareness Month? To celebrate, we took a deep dive through our latest Singles in America survey and found the Top Five Romantic Gestures singles agree on. With technology taking up such a large part of our lives we often think that the moments when we reveal our precious passwords to a significant other signal a huge escalation point in a partnership, but in fact, when asked, singles ranked the password exchange as the lowest moment in relationship milestones. Both men and women ranked far more traditional moments as signs of love and commitment. So, what is the #1 romantic gesture of all? A whopping 87% of singles agree, taking care of a significant other when they’re sick is the sure way to show someone you love them. Here are the top 5 romantic gestures:

Top 5 Most Romantic Gestures: 

  1. Caring for your significant other when they’re sick (87%)
  2. Attending a family event as a couple (83%)
  3. Mentioning your significant other to your friends (82%)
  4. Vacationing together (79%)
  5. Mentioning your significant other to your parents (76%)

Want to go the extra mile? Forget the flowers, put your phone away! 45% of singles would be turned on if you visibly turned off your phone during a date; and 33% would be impressed if you never showed your phone at all.

Did your top romantic gesture make our list? Let us know in the comments section below.