August Crush of the Month: Francesca

At first glance, Francesca’s warm eyes and huge smile immediately give away that she is an approachable, enjoyable person, and that’s why we chose her for Crush of the Month!

This fun-loving Jersey girl, whose parents are Italian immigrants, loves family, brunch, and Broadway.

“I am a pretty amazing car and shower singer,” Francesca told us.

When she’s not blaring Broadway tunes in her car or at home, this Corporate Communications Specialist can be found at the beach during the summer, sitting down with friends for a weekend meal, or going for a jog around town. And this active Jersey girl still loves her pizza — buffalo chicken pizza to be exact. Francesca, we may need to try this ‘so called pizza!’

Honesty, a sense of humor, and confidence are the top three qualities Francesca looks for in a partner. So, we begged the question: how do you know when you’re really into someone?

“When we’re together, and the hours go by without me noticing,” she told us. “Plus, if I just can’t stop thinking about him, then I know I’m in it!”

This dog lover and Netflix enthusiast (“It’s the best. I love a good binge!”) is not only what her friends describe as outgoing, thoughtful, and genuine, but she’s also as hardworking as they come. After graduating from college, she quickly jumped into her career and hasn’t looked back.

“My job can get pretty hectic at times, so I LOVE a good happy hour!”

Francesca joined Match after a few close friends and family members tried it and had nothing but success.

“They’ve had some great dates, so I figured why not give it a shot!”

With plans to travel across Europe as her next big trip, this brunette beauty is going to need a travel partner to take along with her. So if you think you and Francesca would hit it off, reach out!

Oh, and did we mention she supposedly makes killer chocolate chip cookies? Delishhhhhh. Line up, gents!

You can find Francesca’s profile here:

Buona fortuna!

(or Good luck!)