Match Made: Karlynn & Richard

Dear Match,

My fiancé and I wanted to write in to tell you our love story.

About a week or two after we began chatting on Match, Richard and I met for our first date at a tapas restaurant. Although we both love tapas and couldn’t wait to share a meal together, we literally couldn’t stop talking long enough to let our server take our cocktail order! It took him five attempts of interrupting us to finally get us to commit to our first drink. I guess we had a lot to say right off the bat J

That same weekend, we explored our city together, enjoying spontaneous live music and each other’s company. Now, one year later, we’re engaged to be married in July and that tapas restaurant has our first date table reserved for us as our “preferred seating spot.”

We are so in love, have such a strong partnership, and cannot wait for our future! Richard exceeds all the qualities I only wished for in a dream man. We can’t thank Match enough for being the source of our meeting. In fact, we’re so proud of our Match success that we’re using Richard’s last name in our wedding hashtag: #MatchedtoMehlmann.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!