Match Made: Sheba & Jason

A letter from Sheba:

I joined Match in the summer of 2015 in hopes of finding someone with similar goals and values. The first two months were slow, but I kept the faith and stuck with it. I’m so thankful I did because, shortly after, Jason sent me a simple “Hi” that changed the course of both his and my life forever!

We exchanged phone numbers to keep the conversation going and agreed to meet a few weeks later for dinner and a movie in downtown Tampa, Florida. I was nervous, of course, but I reminded myself to just have fun and be myself as anyone should do on any date.

Jason and I hit it off right away and our love has blossomed over the last few years. We’ve shared so many adventures, from hiking and fishing in the mountains to exploring museums and art galleries in our area. It’s been a wonderful journey, which is only going to continue because we’re now engaged!

Thank you, Match. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have met and can truly say we’re a “match made in heaven”!