Meet our June Crush of the Month, Alex!

Ladies…you are in for a treat this month. Meet Alex!

Our Crush of the Month, Alex, is tall, dark and handsome. But wait, there’s more…he’s also personable, funny, smart, driven, successful, and single!

Alex’s days are anything but dull. As the Director of H.R. for a cosmetics and fragrance company in New York City, he is constantly fighting corporate “fires,” resource planning and leading employee coaching. When he’s not flying from one meeting to another, he’s hopping around any one of NYC’s five boroughs, visiting friends or hitting the gym.

Whether you’re up for a night out dancing, or staying in and watching movies, Alex enjoys both. If you recommend a great sushi restaurant or show interest in visiting the Guggenheim, you’ll be speaking directly to his heart.

He also loves to travel, and based on his bucket list items, he would probably appreciate a travel companion. 😉 His top 3 #SummerBucketList items are:

  1. Visit Japan
  2. Tour Cuba (where his family is from)
  3. Find the right person to settle down with…

Are you swooning yet?

So, how did this amazing guy come to be? He gives all credit to his grandmothers and his parents. “They’ve given me advice and guidance that’s allowed me to tackle the ups and downs of life.” His philosophy that, “happiness is a choice” – can also be credited for his positive disposition.

But, do you want to know what really makes Alex tick? The top 3 qualities he looks for in a partner are:

  1. Honesty/Loyalty
  2. The ability to compromise
  3. An appreciation of partnership

He’ll know if he’s found his match if he wants to spend the majority of his free time with you – he’s a busy guy…and we don’t blame him.

The juicy stuff…according to Alex he’s an “accomplished shower singer” LOL! But, we really wanted to know about his perfect kiss. He said, “While technique is important, the most important factor is chemistry. With chemistry it’s either there, or it isn’t.” We’re secretly hoping for lots and lots of chemistry (hehe!)

We think Alex is the total package and if you feel the same, check out his profile on Match. Strike up a conversation, and who knows, it could be MatchMade!