Match Made: Scott & Sheryl

A letter from Scott:

Sheryl and I had been in the dating game for years. We both found a lot of dead ends and broken promises. Not to mention, our careers made it difficult to meet new people. It’s definitely not easy finding a significant other.

However, my luck turned around one day when a friend took charge of Sheryl’s love life—or should I say, her phone. She lovingly grabbed Sheryl’s phone and began reviewing her Daily Matches. And there I was! She digged my beard and hilarious profile, and began messaging me on behalf of Sheryl. After some back and forth, she politely handed Sheryl’s phone back to her and said, “Here! I found you a man.”

Once Sheryl and I started talking–that was it! It was an instant connection. Our shared sense of humor made it easy to connect. We couldn’t stop messaging each other. We set up a date for the following weekend.

To say I was nervous for our first date was an understatement. She was so beautiful. We met up for drinks, and since that moment on we’ve only had the best times together. We are complete opposites, but are completely bound to each other.

I popped the BIG question on April 15, 2017 and she said “Yes!” We are so excited to start our lives together. If it wasn’t for Sheryl, and her friend – AND Match, I don’t know where I would be this moment. Sometimes it takes a village, and that’s okay!

She’s my soulmate, my best friend, my one true love.

All the best,